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Many historical events have occurred over the years in the United States. Where did they happen and when. Find out on this page!

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America’s First Pedestrian Mall19 August 1959

World’s First Rodeo 4 July 1883

First Professional Baseball Game in the US 4 May 1871

First Train Robbery in the US - 1866

Corn Dog Invented1940’s

Invention of the Hamburger - 1880's

The Hindenburg Disaster - 6 May 1937

Deaths of Bonnie & Clyde - 23 May 1934

Tinkertoys Invented - 1914

First Sustained Flight - by a heavier-than-air powered machine - 17 Dec 1903

Volleyball was invented - 1895

First Zoo in America - 1874

Death of Boxer Rocky Graciano - 31 August 1969

Duel of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr - 1804

The First Electrically Lighted City in the World - January 26, 1856

The Republican Party Created - 6 July 1854

The Creation of the Ice Cream Sundaelate 1800’s
Another opinion for the Creation of the Ice Cream Sundae - 1881
Still another opinion for the Creation of the Ice Cream Sundae - 1892

Birthplace of the Automatic Clothes Dryer - 1938

You are welcome to contribute an event. Be sure to mention the name of the city and state and the date. Then add a brief explanation of the happening. Email it to addinfo@usacitiesonline.com . We always appreciate your input!

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