Key To The City
'Rent A City'

   Key To The City's website is offering some of its city pages for "rent". Our site has a web page for many of the towns and cities in the United States. These pages are perfect for a person who has an interest in publishing a hometown news letter or similar publication.
   The goal is for people to publish information about the town they live in. Things like special events, famous people from their town, things to see, and much more. We are inviting site visitors who are interested in participating to contact us. If interested read the terms and conditions carefully, than fill out the form and send it to us. If you qualify we will let you try it out for two months to make sure it is something you will want to commit to for a year. You will be able to renew the service each year as long as you adhere to the agreed upon terms and conditions.

   We look forward to hearing from you.