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Sun Prairie Miscellaneous information

The population of Sun Prairie was:
1870 - 626
1880 - 597
1890 - 704
1900 - 838
1910 - 1,119
1920 - 1,236
1930 - 1,337
1940 - 1,622
1950 - 2,262
1960 - 4,009
1970 - 9,935
1980 - 12,931
1990 - 15,352
1998 - 18,641 (estimated)
2000 - 18,636 (projection)

July, 2000
Sun Prairie is a very attractive city and though it has changed a great deal since I first moved here over ten years ago, it will always hold a special place in my heart. There's way more to Sun Prairie than a new resident might think. its historical buildings and facts make it one of the most interesting cities near Madison. We've stepped into the year 2000 by adding new houses and subdivisions and offer a small variety of stores close by. It seems like almost everyone in Wisconsin knows of the City of Sun Prairie and its fantastic that we've grown so much. But, I'll always prefer to think of the small city I originally moved into--where most intersections had stops signs instead of stoplights, a person could go anywhere without standing in line for hours or waiting for what seems like forever to cross a road because of the busy traffic. I remember the days when Sun Prairie residents drove into Madison for their weekend shopping, rather than Madison (and everyone else) coming to Sun Prairie...and I'll probably always remember it that way. Submitted by: Beth Noll

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