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The Star City of The South

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Statistics & Facts

The Virginia state capital is Richmond.
The population of Roanoke is approximately 92,631 (2005), 97032 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 44,384 (1990), 42712 (2010).
The amount of land area in Roanoke is 111.115 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Roanoke is 42.9 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0.079 sq kilometers.
The distance from Roanoke to Washington DC is 201 miles.
The distance to the Virginia state capital is 141 miles. (as the crow flies)
Roanoke is positioned 37.27 degrees north of the equator and 79.95 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Roanoke elevation is 940 feet above sea level.
Roanoke median income is $ 30,719 (2000).
The Roanoke median home price is $ 80,300 (2000).
Roanoke average annual rainfall is 40.3 inches per year
Roanoke average annual snowfall is 24.4 inches per year.


in western Virginia near Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Bedford. Other nearby communities include Vinton, Hollins, Cave Spring, Cloverdale, Salem, Laymantown, Daleville and Troutville. Roanoke is an independent city, not associated with any county.
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History & History Related Items

In the 1740s, two men from Pennsylvania, Mark Evans and Tasker Tosh settled in this area where salt licks were common. Later, in 1834 a small village began in this same area and was named Gainsborough. A common name for the town quickly became Big Lick for these salt licks. The town remained small as the surrounding areas grew. When the railroad came in 1852, it bypassed Big Lick. Not to be missed, Big Lick moved to the tracks instead. The original area then became known as Old Lick. Finally, in 1874, the relocated town became officially Big Lick. When the Shenandoah Valley Railroad arrived seven years later, the community was renamed Roanoke after both the river and the county. The name is Indian, Rawrenock, meaning the shell beads the tribes used for trading and decoration. A year later, in 1882, the railroad had developed enough to aid in the new rapid growth for Roanoke. By 1884, the city of Roanoke was formed.

Roanoke, though known as the Star City of the South, also has other nicknames. It has been called the Capital of the Blue Ridge as a center for commerce in the area. For its many festivals, it is called the Festival City. Just a few of the festivals include: Roanoke Festival in the Park, Downtown Roanoke’s Railway Festival, Henry Street Festival and a number of others. It has also been awarded the All America City recognition several times.

Here is a history page for Roanoke.
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In keeping with its motto of "The Star City of The South," Roanoke has an 88' tall illuminated star at the top of Mill Mountain, which can be seen from as far away as 60 miles and is often used as a landmark by pilots in the area. The star is a symbol of the friendliness, industrial and civic progress of the city.

The Roanoke Valley of Virginia

Roanoke Regional Airport

Center in the Square
supporting arts and culture in the area including the Art Museum of Western Virginia, the Science Museum of Western Virginia, Opera Roanoke and many others.

O. Winston Link Museum

Discover Roanoke - a community portal.

Star City Playhouse
Broadway's best at yesterday's prices!

Mill Mountain Zoo
P. O. Box 13484
Roanoke, Virginia 24034
Phone: 540-343-3241
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Roanoke City Government

City of Roanoke
Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building
215 Church Avenue, Room 364
Roanoke, VA 24011
General phone: 540-853-2000

In the commonwealth of Virginia, incorporated cities are self-sustained and are not governed by any county. Roanoke is one such city, though it is located in the Roanoke County area of western Virginia.

Roanoke Chamber

Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
212 S. Jefferson St.
Roanoke, VA 24011
Phone: (540) 983-0700
Phone: (540) 983-0723

Roanoke Organizations

Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
212 S. Jefferson St.
Roanoke, VA 24011
Phone: (540) 983-0700
Phone: (540) 983-0723

Roanoke Libraries

Roanoke Public Libraries
Main Library
706 South Jefferson Street
Roanoke, VA 24016
Phone: 540-853-2473

Roanoke Schools

Roanoke City Public Schools
40 Douglass Avenue, NW
Roanoke, Virginia 24012
Hollins University
P.O. Box 9707
Roanoke, VA 24020
Toll-free: 800-456-9595
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
PO Box 13186
Roanoke, VA 24031
Toll-free: 888-985-8483
Virginia Tech
Virginia Western Community College
P.O. Box 14007
Roanoke, VA 24038
Phone: 540-857-8922 Roanoke


1990 - 96,397
2000 - 94,911
2001 - 95,000
2002 - 94,600
2003 - 93,100
2004 - 92,900
2005 - 92,631
1990 and 2000 figures are from census data. All others are population estimates only.

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