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What happened to These Weber County Cities and Towns?
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Alma - now known as West Weber

Bingham Fort - part of present-day Ogden in area known as Five Points

Blanchard - now known as West Weber

Brown's Fort - now called Fort Buenaventura

Brownsville - a former name for Ogden

Burch Creek - South Ogden was once called by this name

Castle Island - a former name for Fremont Island

Central City - Now called Roy

City of the Plains - a former name for Plain City

Deseret Railroad Station - a former name for Uintah

East Weber - now called Uintah

Easton - now called Uintah

Fairmont - this town was absorbed by Kanesville, Riverdale, Roy and Wilson

Farr's Fort - this town was absorbed by Ogden.

Fort Mound - absorbed by Ogden

Fremont Island - formerly known as Disappointment Island, Castle Island, and Miller Island

Garland - absorbed by West Weber and Wilson

Goodyear's Fort - a former name for Fort Buenaventura

Hawkins Grove - Now known as Huntsville

Hooperville - a former name for Hooper

John Thompson Settlement - Now known as Riverdale

Lynn or Lynne - absorbed by Ogden City, now known as Five Points in Ogden

Malan's Basin - now a Ghost town, one and one-half miles east of Ogden

Marriott - East side of Ogden, near 12th St.

Middleton - Now absorbed by Huntsville

Military Housing, south of Ogden, west of South Ogden and east of Riverdale - Now known as Washington Terrace.

Mill Creek - A former name for Slaterville

Muskrat Springs - Once a name for Hooper

South Weber - formerly a name for Riverdale

Stringtown - once a name for Riverdale

Mound Fort - Absorbed by Ogden, west of Washington Blvd., between 10th and 12th Streets

North Fork Town - Former name of Eden

North Ogden Fort - A former name of North Ogden

Poplar - once a name for Plain City

Salt Creek - previous name for Warren

Skeen - now known as Plain City

The Sandridge - a former name for Roy

West Harrisville - Now known as Farr West Weston - Once a name for West Weber

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