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Wasatch County


Facts & Information

The Cities and communities of Wasatch County, Utah*

Center Creek,


Heber City


Soldier Summit

Timber Lakes


*This list of cities may not be complete. The list may contain towns, cities, villages, boroughs, neighborhoods, townships, ghost towns and other populated places.

If you have information about any of these unlinked communities, please send it to us and we will add a page for that community. Some of these places above may only be neighborhoods or local area names and are not listed with the census at all or just included in a larger surrounding designated census area..

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Information & Facts about Wasatch County, Utah

Wasatch County Courthouse
25 N. Main
Heber City, UT 84032
Phone: 435.654.3211

Wasatch County

The County Seat of Wasatch County is Heber.

The Wasatch County government has a board of three county commissioners who are elected.

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A  history page  for Wasatch County.

The Ute Indians around Utah Lake would hunting in this area during the summers before ernest settlement began. The first white men to come into the county were members of the Dominguez-Escalante expedition in 1776. It was another 50 years before others, fur trappers, came around 1824 or 1825. Etienne Provost from New Mexico was a beaver trapper here at this time. William Henry Ashley and his trappers from St. Louis also trapped beaver here. In the spring of 1859, settlers from Utah Valley came to build a community near present-day Heber. Midway and Charleston were also settled that same year. The county was created in 1862, including all of the Uinta Basin at the time. It was named for the Wasatch Mountain Range. The word, Wasatch, in the Ute language means mountain pass, which is an applicable word for this mountainous area. The last change in the dimensions for the county came in 1914 when Duchesne County was created out of eastern Wasatch County. One of the "Ghost Towns" in Wasatch County is Keetley. It was flooded out by the Jordanelle Reservoir.

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Wasatch County is in north-central Utah. To the north is Summit County, and to the northwest is a small portion of Salt Lake County. On the west is Utah County and the towering Wasatch Range. Duchesne County is on the eastern side of Wasatch County. The Heber Valley area is about 45 miles from
Salt Lake City and 23 miles north of Provo.

Here is a map of the area

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1990 - 10,089
1994 - 11,800
2000 _ 15,215

Median Age: 26 (1993-4)

Size: 1,181 square miles

Average Annual Income: $28,077 (1995)

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The most populated area of Wasatch County, Heber Valley, is sometimes referred to as Utah's Switzerland because of its high mountains, climate and overall beauty. A large group of Swiss people also settled in the Midway area. Over half the land in the county is over 7,500 feet above sea level with many peaks over 10,000 feet. The Provo River runs right through the Heber Valley from the Uintas on to the Jordanelle Reservoir to the north. The river continues through the county into Deer Creek Reservoir in Provo Canyon. After leaving the Reservoir, it flows into Utah Lake.

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Climate & Weather

The winters are cold and the summers cool in this highlands area. The annual precipitation is around 16 inches. All four season are represented and each one has its own special qualities.

Annual average temperature: 60 degrees
Monthly average temperatures: January - 4 degrees, July - 86.5 degrees
The evenings are cool year-round. There is usually a gentle breeze with strong winds occasionally.

Snow averages 76 inches per year
Rain: 16 inches per year.

The surrounding mountains receive many more inches of snow than do the valleys with July being the driest months and January the wettest month.

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Organizations & Groups:

Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center
475 North Main
Heber City, Utah 84032
Phone: 1-435-654-3666

Wasatch County Fairgrounds
590 S 600 W
Heber City, Utah 84032
Phone: 435-654-2597

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Wasatch County Library
188 S Main St
Heber City, Utah 84032
Phone: 435-654-1511

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Wasatch County US GenWeb Genealogy page

Heber Regional Family History Center
160 W Main Street
Midway, UT 84049-6315
Phone: 435-654-2760

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Wasatch County School District
173 E 200 N
Heber City, Utah 84032
Phone: (435) 654-0280

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Attractions & Other Information:

Heber Valley Railroad
Phone: 435-654-5601.
Once known as the "Heber Creeper,' this railroad line has 16 miles of track between
the valley and Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. Please call for ticket information and schedules or to make special arrangements.

Deer Creek State Park

Jordanelle State Park
Just north of the city of Heber, The Jordanelle is one of the newest State Park in the Utah Parks system.

Wasatch Mountain State Park
Phone 435-654-1791 for more information
This State park has over 22,000 acres and is at 6,000 feet above sea level. It is located near Midway.

Wasatch County Fair

Recreation in Wasatch County

The Wasatch Wave on-line news for Wasatch County.

Heber Valley Airport

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