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St. George Cemetery ~ St. George Historic District ~ Leaving St. George
Brigham Young Winter Home

See page 1 for St George Hilltop Airport, Views of St. George around town, St. George Temple, Dixie Center and the Western Sky Warbird Museum
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A Picket fence adds to this home

5th Judicial District Courthouse

Old County Courthouse building completed in 1876
It was started in 1866 and made with local brick and mortar. The interior doors are 18 inches thick. There are many unique and beautiful architectural details in the building. The jail was once in the basement with county offices on the first floor and a courtroom that doubled as a schoolroom on the second floor. It is still used today for other purposes.

Older home in the historic district

St. George Tabernacle

Much of the Tabernacle was restored in 1993

Part of the 2010 Art around the Corner project in St. George
Sculptures are on display for one year and then offered for sale

The Tabernacle originally took 13 years to build!
The basement walls are three feet thick. The trusses are 52 feet long and were cut and hewn in Pine Valley and then hauled to town on wagons. Twin spiral staircases were hand-carved. The clock was made in London and shipped to St. George to be used in the building.

Historic Town Square

This corner was once known as the Parade Grounds. Soldiers returning from war were honored here. The Heritage Tower has stained glass inserts that depict moments of local area history. Other parts of the square highlight the history of the St. George area.

Arts Community Center

This building was built in 1888 and was the Dixie Academy back in 1911. Both Dixie High School and Dixie College were once housed here until the 1960's when both built new campuses.

July 2010 Construction on I-15 leaving St. George

Crossing the Virgin River

The Bloomington Area of St. George
Utah Port of Entry coming up

Outside (2010)

front and side view

The Parlor (2010)

Brigham Young's Bedroom (2010)

St George is known as an attractive place for snowbirds (those from cold climates seeking warmer winters). This was true for Brigham Young so it could be said he was the first snowbird for St. George in 1869! President Young had arthritis and found the warm and dry climate beneficial. The first part of his home was built in 1869 and finished in 1871. The front section was completed in 1873. This is the portion most refer to as the main house. It had two stories plus a basement and was made of adobe, plaster and rock. Of course, it had the common wrap around front porch of the day. He also had a detached office that was used by Pres. Young. There were many gardens on the grounds. He usually spent between three to five months of the year here in St. George.

Back of house (2010)

back entrance to outside office (2010)

Back of house with part of office (2010)

side porch (2010)

front and side views (2002)

side view (2002)
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