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Provo Tabernacle, Utah
Provo Tabernacle - built from 1883 to 1898

Provo Tabernacle
Central Tower was removed in 1917
Provo Tabernacle Provo Taberncale
Provo Tabernacle
The tabernacle took several years to build. At the time, there was much dicussion about having the central tower. Many thought it was too heavy and the building would not withstand the weight. Others felt it would be ok, but by 1917, the building showed that the tower would have to go as there began to be too much strain on the structure. The tower was removed and the base covered to create the new look for the tabernacle. Later the base was removed and the roof replaced for the look that remained until the fire destroyed the building. The building contained stained glass windows, intricate woodworking and beautiful paintings.
Provo Tabernacle
Tabernacle with old Central Tower
Provo Tabernacle
Tabernacle with central tower gone in 1917

A Fire in the early morning of 17 December 2010 destroyed the historic tabernacle

tabernacle fire
tabernacle fire tabernacle fire
tabernacle fire
This is what was left after the fire was out

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