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Page 3 includes City Buildings~ Houses

Page 1 includes Utah Valley University ~ Views around Orem
Page 2 includes Businesses ~ Churches


Orem, Utah
Orem City Offices - 2011

Orem, Utah
Fire Station - 2011
Orem, Utah
While we were getting gas, two different engines pulled into Walkers - 2011
Orem, Utah
The second fire engine getting gas - 2011
Orem, Utah
Apartments in Orem - 2011
Orem, Utah
More apartments - 2011
Orem, Utah
Red brick is popular here - 2010
Orem, Uah
Early morning in Orem - 2010
Orem, Utah
Split level home in Orem - 2011
Orem, Utah
Wood frame homes are common - 2011
Orem, Utah
More red brick - 2011
Orem, Utah
A nice view in June, notice there's still snow on the mountains - 2011
Orem, Utah
This is a pretty typical newer home in Orem - 2010
Orem, Utah
We were here Labor Day Weekend and flags were everywhere - 2010
Orem, Utah
A split entry type home - 2011
Orem, Utah
View of houses on the bench - 2011
Orem, Utah
An older home - 2011
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