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Morgan County


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The Cities and communities of Morgan County, Utah*


Devils Slide


Milton, Morgan - County Seat, Mountain Green

Peterson, Porterville



*This list of cities may not be complete. The list may contain towns, cities, villages, boroughs, neighborhoods, townships, ghost towns and other populated places.

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Information & Facts about Morgan County, Utah


County Courthouse
P.O. Box 886
Morgan, UT 84050-0886
Phone: 435-829-6811
FAX: (801) 829-3666

The County seat of Morgan County is Morgan. It is the only city in the entire county.

Morgan County Clerk
48 W Young St,
Morgan, Utah
Phone: 801-845-4011

Government information page for Morgan County

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1980 - 4,917
1990 - 5,528
1992 - 5,801
1996 - 6,660
2000 - 7,129
2002 - 7,380


In a valley of the Wasatch Mountains in northeast Utah. Surrounded by Rich County and Weber County on the north, Davis County on the west and Summit County on the south. Here is a map page for the county.

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January Average Temperature: 22.7 degrees F
July Average Temperature: 69.4 degrees F
Annual Average Precipitation: 19.7 inches

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Other Facts & Figures:

Size: 610 square miles

Average Income: $14,659 (2000)

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Prior to 1855 Weber Valley, later Morgan County, was inhabited by wandering tribes of Indians. Long before permanent settlements were made, fur traders and trappers visited this region. History records prior to 1826 indicate that three or four hundred trappers had a famous rendezvous on the Weber River, but in that year they split into various groups and left the valley. The valley belonged to Mexico until 1848 following the war with Mexico and Morgan Valley was included in the land ceded to the United States in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Before this time, the area was home to Native American tribes. Fur trappers and traders also frequented the region. It appears there was a large trapper's rendezvous on the River here prior to 1826. The Weber valley was a possession of Mexico as was all surrounding land until 1848 when it was included in the land ceded to the United States with the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty.

The first settlers, Lansford W. Hastings, James M. Hudspeth, and James Clyman, to come to what would become Morgan County came in the spring of 1846. A proper entrance into the valley was not made until 1855 due to treacherous gorges at each end of the valley. Thomas Thurston, who had earlier viewed the valley and felt it was a place of great potential, continued talking of finding a way to population the area. In 1855, he finally persuaded his friend Charles S. Peterson, two of his sons and a son-in-law, Roswell Stevens, to help him gouge out opening to the canyon. They were later helped by several others to finish the job. It wasn't long before others joined the new residents. Within a short time, there were fiftenn new settlements in the Weber Valley.

Morgan County was founded on 17 January 1862. The County Seat is the city of Morgan. The county was named for Jedediah Morgan Grant, who was a counselor to President Brigham Young of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was also the father of Heber J. Grant, who later also became a President of the church in 1940

Divided by the Weber River, Morgan County has always been a favorite area for fur trappers - from the local Indians (Shoshone and Ute) to the mid-1800's. Morgan, the County Seat, was settled in 1855 and Morgan County created in 1862.

Try this Morgan County History page. Here is another history page for the county. This page lists both general and historical information as well as several nice pictures. Here is a page with many history links for the county.

Morgan County Historical Society
50 N. 100 W.
Centennial Library
Morgan, UT 84050
Phone: 801-829-6713

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The Wasatch Mountains are on both sides of the county with the Weber River flowing from east to west through the valley. The Weber Canyon opens on the east and northwest sides of the county. There are thirteen tributary creeks that flow into the river as it wends it way through the canyon on the way to the Great Salt lake.

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Morgan Family History Center
93 S State St
Morgan, Utah
Phone: 801-829-6261

Morgan County US GenWeb page

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Morgan County Library
55 W 100 S
Morgan, Utah
Phone: 801-829-3481

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Morgan County School District
240 E Young St
Morgan, Utah
Phone: 801-829-3411

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Wheat and alfalfa farming are predominant in the valley. There are also poultry, dairy and mink farming throughout the area. The Union Pacific Railroad remains a major part of the local economy.

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Organizations & Groups:

Morgan County Travel Council
P.O. Box 779
Morgan, UT 84050
Phone: 801-829-3409
Fax: 801-829-6176

Morgan County Visitors Bureau

87 N. Commercial Street
Morgan, Utah 84050
Phone: 801-829-6390
Toll-free: 800-ALL-UTAH

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Attractions & Other Information:

The county is part of the region called the Golden Spike Empire. There are many recreational opportunities here including the Cache National Forest,
East Canyon State Park and Lost Creek State Park. See this list for some of the places to visit in the county.

Devil's Slide is a natural limestone formation with two side-by-side chutes and is located in Weber Canyon about 9 miles from Morgan City.
Como Springs is a natural warm sulphur spring with bathing and swimming even in the winter.

Morgan County Airport
5000 Cottonwood Canyon Rd
Morgan, Utah
Phone: 801-876-3156

Several world class ski resorts are near Morgan. Including: Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, Nordic Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, Wolf Mountain, and Deer Valley.

The Morgan County Fair is held each summer in Morgan City.

Here are some historic sites in the county.

Additional information about Morgan County

Hastings-Cutoff/Mormon Flat
Around 400 miles were saved for emigrants traveling the Oregon Trail to the west. Mormon Flat was the last campsite before the descent through Emigration Canyon. This route was also traveled by Pony Express riders

The Morgan County News
Bringing you hometown news since 1923
200 E 125 N
Morgan, UTAH  84050
Phone:  (801) 829-3451

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