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Welcome to Fillmore - 2008

Ranch equipment outside of town - 2008

Looking north down the main street - 2008

A home in Fillmore - 2008

Library in Fillmore - 2008


A different view of thePresident Millard Fillmore library - 2008

Territorial Statehouse - 2008


Cabins next to Old Territorial Statehouse
- 2008

Joseph Lucretia Robison Home - build in 1861 - 2008

Looking down the main "drag" - couldn't resist leaving the bug on the windshield in the picture - 2008

Millard County Courthouse - 2008

Brightly painted storefront - 2008

Old Movie Theater - 2008

Fillmore Motel - 2008

Going down the main street after downtown area - 2008

Ranch just outside Fillmore - 2008

Sign off I-15 just before Fillmore going south - 2008

Ranch near Fillmore - 2008

Going south on I-15 just before Fillmore - 2008
Fillmore, Utah
Fillmore sign going south on I-15 - 2010

Fillmore, Utah

Entering Fillmore from the south - 2010

Fillmore, Utah
Fillmore, Utah
Arts Festival Sign - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
Welcoming sign going north into Fillmore - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
Panoramic view of Fillmore - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
Lots of billboards coming into town - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
Visit Friendly Fillmore - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
View of the countryside - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
Paradise Resort Golf Course - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
The course is green and inviting - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
The course goes right alongside the freeway - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
more golfing - 2010
Fillmore, Utah
clubhouse area of golf course - 2010
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