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The Utah state capital is Salt Lake City.

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Statistics & Facts

The population of Marysvale is approximately 346 (2005), 408 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 199 (1990), 171 (2010).

The amount of land area in Marysvale is 39.113 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Marysvale is 15.1 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0.037 sq kilometers.
The distance from Marysvale to Washington DC is 1999 miles. The distance to the Utah state capital is 167 miles. (as the crow flies)
Marysvale is positioned 38.43 degrees north of the equator and 112.25 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Marysvale elevation is 5,866 feet above sea level.
Marysvale median income is $31,875 (2000).

The Marysvale median home price is $66,800 (2000).

Marysvale miscellany.

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Marysvale location: in south-central Utah about 130 miles south of Provo. Other nearby communities include Joseph, Junction, Monroe, Kingston, Elsinore, Circleville, Annabella and Richfield

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The geography for Marysvale is great for exploring. The Marysvale area is dominated by Tertiary igneous rocks ranging from intermediate to silicic compositions with both volcanic and plutonic representatives. The especially thick volcanic section is thought to be the result of a large stratovolcano complex and associated calderas that existed during mid-Tertiary time. One of the common units found near Marysvale is a white to dark gray rhyolite with extremely well-developed flow banding. The crystals, which are found in cavities in the rhyolite, formed in gas pockets that were trapped in the lava flow as it cooled.

Bixbyite, a rare iron-manganese oxide, occurs as black, metallic, euhedral crystals up to 3/8 of an inch across. The crystals are generally complex combinations of various isometric forms including cubes, octahedrons, and dodecahedrons.

Rutile is less common and appears as needle-like or bladed crystals up to 1/4 inch long. The amethyst crystals, ranging up to 1 inch in length, display excellent crystal form in various shades of purple.

The small size of the bixbyite and rutile is more than compensated for by the excellent crystal forms of these relatively rare minerals.

BLM collecting rules: The casual collector may take small amounts of gemstones and rocks from unrestricted federal lands in Utah without obtaining a special permit if collection is for personal, noncommercial purposes. Collection in large quantities or for commercial purposes requires a permit, lease, or license from the BLM. A hat and water are recommended, as are the following tools: safety glasses, a five-pound or larger sledge hammer, chisel, and newspaper or other suitable wrapping material. Have fun collecting!

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Climate & Weather

The weather in Marysvale is seasonal with all four seasons represented. There are warm and maybe hot days in the summer, but cooler nights make it more comfortable. Some thunderstorms come on in the summer months. Falls are generally nice with many Indian summer days to extend the summer temperatures. Winter brings some snowfall with more in the higher elevations. It is great for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Most trails are passable year-round. The spring may be cool with most trails open by May. Try this current weather page for Marysvale. Here is a long-range weather forecast for the area.
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History & History Related Items

Marysvale history:

Marysvale has a strong mining history. Nearby mines of gold, silver and other metals brought early prosperity to the area when the miners came to town. Marysvale was officially made a town on April 6, 1914.

Here is a history page for Marysvale.
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Marysvale attractions:

Marysvale is widely know for the ATV friendly attitude that the community holds so dear. Marysvale is one of the few places that you can access the trails right from your cabin, motel, RV Space, or your front door. Marysvale is just a short 3 mile drive to the world famous Big Rock Candy Mountain home of the Rock Candy Express bicycling train in the beautiful Marysvale Canyon. Marysvale Canyon is also home of some of the finest whitewater rafting the world has to offer. Marysvale is the home of the Original Biggest Little Rodeo in The World held every year on the 24th of July celebration. Also at the celebration is the ever popular Trout Rodeo. We flood the Dance Hall and release hundreds of live fish for the youngsters to catch with their bare hands. (what a sight) Marysvale is also close to Piute Reservoir, Otter Creek State Park, Fishlake, Puffers, and Labaron for some of the finest fishing Utah has to offer. Check out Marysvale Today!

You will find out that while we're in the country, we also have anything that a person would need as far as comfort goes. We have, right in Marysvale, Tugs One stop which has a little bit of everything, gas, groceries, beer, picnic stuff as well as harware for those fix it fast items that might need to be taken care of.

There are several great places to eat, such as Big Rock Candy Mountain Cafe with a variety of things to eat, including Buffalo Meat. Marysvale does have EMT's in case of emergency as well as not quite a half hour drive up the road to Richfield Utah, the Biggest Town in South Central Utah, we have Hospitals, several different Pizza places, as well as Chinese, Mexican and American Cafes to eat at. On Main Street Richfield is also the local show house with up to date Movies as well as Walmart, Kmart, Ace Hardware, you name the need I doubt if Richfield wouldn't have it.

Piute ATV Trail
This 275 mile trail is a loop with no beginning or end. It winds through beautiful, scenic countryside that should be enjoyed and taken in. The trail began using old roads and trails with new sections constructed to complete the loop. Early fall is a good time to ride the entire trail. After that time, some portions are closed. Many other parts remain closed until early summer. The highest point is 11,500 feet in the Tushar Mountains.

Candy Mountain Resort - Stay here and enjoy the surrounding areas and the many outdoor activities available. Here you have mountain climbing, maybe even find some gold in those mountains, or take a raft down for a little white water rafting. While Paiute County hasnít grown a lot in people, its grown a lot for the people that come, with several motels, hotels, bed and breakfast, and several cafes, as well as out door Bar-B-Que are provided.
Paiute Trail Resort, has some brand new cabins, as well as some of the older miners cabins. You can either have the breakfast, lunch or dinner that is served there, or you can cook out on your porch. Wild Deer come by at night as well as other night creatures.

Off-road Adventure Guide
Thrilling Bungee Adventures

An interesting article about things to do in the area

The old Silver King Mine is nearby.

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