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There are more than 3,800 documented caves in Tennessee. One of these contains the nation's tallest underground waterfall, Ruby Falls, located at 1,120 feet below Lookout Mountains surface and falls 145 feet. (In Chattanooga area)


Tennessee is one of the few states that does not require automobile liability insurance. There is, however, a financial responsibility law. You do not have to have auto insurance. It is not required to purchase your tags or for your registration.

Tennessee is located in two time zones
Eastern Tennessee - Eastern Time Zone
Middle and Western Tennessee - Central Time Zone



The name "Tennessee" originated from the old Yuchi Indian word, "Tana-see," meaning "the meeting place." White men traveling in the area in the 1700's associated the word with the name of a Cherokee Indian village and as the name of a river in the Cherokee Territory. The meaning is unsure though some say it means meeting place or winding river or river of the great bend in an earlier Yuchi language. In 1796, a constitutional convention convenved to organize a new state in the Southwest Territory. They adopted the name of Tennessee for the new state.

The State Flag

The flag was adopted in 1905, the flag features three stars representing the grand divisions of the state: East, Middle and West. The stars are bound together in indissoluble unity by an unending white band.

State Nickname

The Volunteer State - Tennessee earned its nickname by its remarkable outpouring of volunteers in the War of 1812 and in the Mexican War.

State Capitals
In Tennessee's early history, four different towns served as the state capital: Knoxville, Kingston, Murfreesboro and Nashville. Nashville was chosen as the permanent capital city in 1843. The capitol building was designed by noted architect, William Strickland, who died during its construction and is buried within it’s walls. Marble quarried in Tennessee was used for the primary building material. A magnificent example of Grecian architecture, the building was begun in 1845 and completed in 1859.

1790 - 35,691
1800 - 105,602
1810 - 261,727
1820 - 422,823
1830 - 681,904
1840 - 829,210
1850 - 1,002,717
1860 - 1,109,801
1870 - 1,258,520
1880 - 1,542-359
1890 - 1,767,518
1900 - 2,020,616
1910 - 2,184,789
1920 - 2,337,885
1930 - 2,616,556
1940 - 2,915,841
1950 - 3,291,718
1960 - 3,567,089
1970 - 3,923,687
1980 - 4,591,120
1990 - 4,877,185
2000 - 5,689,283
2005 - 5,962,959 (estimate)

Population Density
2000 - 138 persons per square mile

Per Capita - $21.587 (2000)
Median Household - $43,318 (2003)

Total area - 42,169 square miles
Land area - 41,217 square miles

width - 120 miles
length - 440 miles

Latitude - 35°N to 36°41'N
Longitude - 81°37'W to 90°28'W

Highest Point - Clingman's Dome at 6,643 feet above sea level
Lowest Point - 178 feet above sea level
Mean Elevation - 900 feet above sea level



State of Tennessee Official Website

The governor of Tennessee serves a four year term and has a term limit of two. He is the only state official who is elected statewide. The State Senate members serve four year terms while house members serve for two years.

Government Links page for Tennessee
Great links page for all levels of government in Tennessee


Tennessee State Parks
toll-free: 888-TN-PARKS

Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina


East Tennessee Historical Society & Museum
601 S. Gay Street
PO Box 1629
Knoxville, TN 37901
Phone: 865-215-8824

Tennessee GenWeb Project page
Cyndi's List for Tennessee
Tennessee Genealogy

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce
Knoxville Chamber of Commerce
Memphis Regional Chamber


Tennessee Vacation - the State's official Travel planning website

1245 Davy Crockett Park Road
Limestone, TN 37681
Phone: 423-257-2167
Campground: 423-257-4500

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Children's Museum of Memphis

The Grand Ole Opry - Nashville
The Hermitage - home of President Andrew Jackson


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