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Statistics & Facts

The Pennsylvania state capital is Harrisburg.
The population of Jeddo is approximately 136 (2006), 98 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 66 (2000), 43 (2010).
The amount of land area in Jeddo is 0.786 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Jeddo is 0.30 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Jeddo to Washington DC is 156 miles.
The distance to the Pennsylvania state capital is 71 miles. (as the crow flies)
Jeddo is positioned 40.99 degrees north of the equator and 75.89 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Jeddo elevation is 1,661 feet above sea level.
Jeddo per capita income is $ 14,776 (2000).
Jeddo median income is $ 22,500 (2000).
The Jeddo median home price is $ 51,300 (2005).


in eastern Pennsylvania about 33 miles from Scranton and about 86 miles from Philadelphia. Other nearby communities include Freeland, Beaver Meadows, Hazleton, Weatherly, Tresckow, West Hazleton, McAdoo and White Haven.
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History & History Related Items

The Long time slogan of towns people and their baseball team was "No Can Beat-em Jeddo."
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Jeddo Historical Events

2001, August 17 and 18
Centennial celebration of Jeddo's founding of its baseball club.
An addition to its memorial ground of another stone. There is a festival type affair with food, drink, and entertainment.

1866 or 1867 probable dates
Among other papers in her black cloth handbag MARY ANN DUNN née JAQUES (born 28 Dec 1863 Witton-le-Wear, Co. Durham, died 27 Jun 1941 in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, England) there was an old, well worn letter. It was not in its original envelope, so the recipients were not immediately known. (all the context of this letter contains the original spellings and grammatical errors)
It said:
"kiss for all the childran
Ebevale 20 May
Dear brother and Sister
it is with pleshure i right to you wonce mor and i hope this will find you all in the best of helth as this levs us all at present thank the grate god for it and Dear brother you will think i have for got you but i have not yet and Dear brother i have had my one share of troble since i came out i have had a nother durter little gorle and i caled hor Margrat but it plesed god to take hor from me a gone i do not fret for hor but i frat sor after Joseph he was gron big boy but Dear broher god wills must be doon it will give me grate plesher to hear from you all a gane and when you right pleas and let us no if John brother patrick Rourke is at coundon yet or not bian [partly erased] bran would like to right to him and let me no all petelas how you are getton a long We are looking for brothe Williams wife every day he was in good helth the last letter we had from him my sister and famaly is in good [health] thank god for it but it was a grat lost to hor when she lost hor husband but she is very comfule and he boy is so good to hor my little Mary is with hor all the time she will not com home but i am livan clos by them bell and Mary and Nore are gone to send thar likness to you when you right back to us i would like if you would send us bell Dunns likness to us that is your bell and Dear brothe an sisthe let me no how John and Josephe and hanah and i forgot the youngest cild a tomes tell me howe thay all are and if you ever see my brother John give my kind love to him i rote to him i got got no anser from him Dear brother i like this countery very well it is good countery for a famely when you right back i will tell you all pettela Dear sister exuse my righton i hope you will make it out give my kind love to all inquiring frends and to you mother and sisters and let me no if gras is maried or not John and the childran and y.. me sends our Deare love to all
right soon John Rourke
Ebervale near Jeddo
luzerne co pa r
north ameca "
Unfortunately, the year was not recorded, but there is no mention of the Civil War.
The letter was almost certainly from MARY JANE ROURKE née DUNN to her brother JOSEPH DUNN and his wife HANNAH née WHICKENS, parents of THOMAS ARTHUR DUNN who married MARY ANN JAQUES. The Dunn family lived in Collingwood St., Coundon, in 1871; in Church St., Coundon, Co. Durham, in 1881.
MARY JANE DUNN had married JOHN ROURKE (son of JOHN ROURKE) at St Michael's, Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham, on 15 Feb 1858. JOHN said he was 20. He and his father were both miners.
The letter is all in the same hand and although signed JOHN ROURKE it was certainly written by his wife. He would not have written "if John brother patrick Rourke ..... ".
"bran" (Brian ?) has not been identified. He may be a brother of John Rourke.
The letter can be dated to about 1866. JOSEPH and HANNAH's first four children were ISABELLA DUNN ("bell" Dunn ?), JOHN DUNN, JOSEPH DUNN and HANNAH DUNN. They were born in 1855-61. The last three were clearly identified by the writer. The youngest child, "a tomes", could be THOMAS ARTHUR DUNN, who was born on 7 August 1865 at Tottenham, Coundon. Significantly, she did not mention MARGARET JANE DUNN, born on the 14th of July 1863, but died 24 January 1866. It seems she knew that. Unless there had been a very long period without contact, 1866 or 1867 are very probable years.
Mary Jane had a elder brother JOHN DUNN (who was living in Trimdon, Co. Durham, in 1881) and a younger brother WILLIAM DUNN. The latter has not been found in England in the 1881 census index. It may have been his wife they were "looking for".
The writer tells the recipients that "my sister" and family are well although the sister had lost her husband. The sister had one son, which seems to rule out ISABELLA DUNN who married JOHN "MAGNATY" [McGINTY]. They had six known sons, although two, WILLIAM P McGINTY and DAVID M McGINTY were living in Pennsylvania in February 1918, and JOSEPH J McGINTY had died there before then. JAMES P McGINTY, Father JOHN F McGINTY and JAMES P McGINTY lived in San Francisco. "my sister" may be an unknown sibling or the sister of John Rourke. "bell and Mary and Nore" have not been identified.
The "sister" addressed and referred to at the end of the letter would really be her sister-in-law, HANNAH née WHICKENS.
"gras" would be GRACE WHICKINS, Hannah's sister, who was living at Coundon with Joseph and Hannah Dunn in 1861.
Joseph Dunn died in 1888 aged 54 of bronchitis 7 days, syncope, in Church St., Coundon. His son THOMAS ARTHUR was present and registered the death. HANNAH DUNN had died there in 1885.

Anyone recognize any of the families ?
Submitted by Peter Lockey, England Jeddo


The population of Jeddo was:
1990 - 124
2000 - 144
2006 - 136
Median age:
2000 - 30.5 years

Median house value:
2000 - 45,000
2005 - $ 51,300

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