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Statistics & Facts

The Pennsylvania state capital is Harrisburg.
The population of Franklin is approximately 7,329 (1990), 6545 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 3,430 (1990), 2874 (2010).
The amount of land area in Franklin is 11.802 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0.213 sq kilometers.
The distance from Franklin to Washington DC is 231 miles.
The distance to the Pennsylvania state capital is 174 miles. (as the crow flies)
Franklin is positioned 41.39 degrees north of the equator and 79.83 degrees west of the prime meridian.


in northwestern Pennsylvania on the Allegheny River, 16 miles north of Interstate 80. This page gives maps and directions for Franklin.
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seasonal. Here is a Weather page for Franklin, PA
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History & History Related Items

The Franklin area was an important spot during the French and Indian War. The French sent a group here in 1753 to build a fort after taking claim of the area. Young George Washington was sent to warn the French that they needed to leave as they were trespassing on British land. Of course, they didn't listen and built Fort Machault in open defiance. They grouped here in preparation for an attack on Fort Pitt and to reclaim Fort Duquesne for their homeland of France. Before the attacks began, the French were warned that their forts along the Great Lakes were being attacked by the British. Their plans changed as they went north to fortify their other holdings and to protect Fort Niagara. They burned the fort and all the supplies before leaving.

After the French left, the British came in and built another fort. It was destroyed in 1763 in a surprise attack during Pontiac's uprising. Finally, Fort Franklin, an American fort, was built in 1787. A large area was set aside by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the city of Franklin. Andrew Ellicott was the man in charge. He was the one who had surveyed the site of Washington, D.C.

Once Colonel Edwin Drake discovered oil in Titusville, the entire area began an oil boom. Franklin is a small, rural town, which is also the county seat of Venango County.
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Many wonderful, stately homes may be found in Franklin, representing every major architectural style used in the area for a hundred year period ending in 1930. The Historic District is registered in the National Registry of Historic Places.

The Applefest

St. John's Episcopal Church
A special feature of the church are the 30 Tiffany stained glass windows.
To arrange tours, please phone the church office between 9 AM and Noon on weekdays at 814/432-5161.

DeBence Antique Music World
more than 100 antique automated music machines from the Gay Nineties and Roaring Twenties.

The Barrow-Civic Theatre

The Silver Cornet Band - a tradition since 1856

To learn about Franklin Festivals and Events contact us at:
Phone: 814-432-7138
Fax: 814-437-1119
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Franklin City Government

Franklin City Manager
430 13th St
Franklin, PA 16323-1317
City Manager Phone: 814-437-1485

Franklin Police Department
430 13th St # B2
Franklin, PA 16323-1317
Phone: 814-437-1644

Franklin Chamber

Franklin Area Chamber of Commerce
1259 Liberty Street
Franklin, PA 16323-1329
contact: Jerri Gent, Executive Director
Phone: 814-432-5823
Fax: 814-437-2453
web site:

Franklin Community Events

Spring - Just before Easter each year
Bunny Breakfast/Easter Egg Hunt

4th of July
Fourth of July Festival
More than one day!

The Applefest
The first Friday of October begins the 3 day festival each year.

Franklin Organizations

Franklin Area Chamber of Commerce
1259 Liberty Street
Franklin, PA 16323-1329
contact: Jerri Gent, Executive Director
Phone: 814-432-5823
Fax: 814-437-2453
web site:

Franklin Libraries

Franklin Public Library
421 12th St
Franklin, PA 16323-1205
Phone: 814-432-5062

Franklin Schools

Franklin Area School District
417 13th St
Franklin, PA 16323-1310
Phone: 814-432-8917

Valley Grove School District
429 Wiley Ave
Franklin, PA 16323-2834
Phone: 814-432-4919

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