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Clarion, Pennsylvania Community News

Looking for my Ancestor
My name is George H. Goe and I have been on a long hunt for the birthplace of my GG Grandfather, Reed Thomas Goe, and I am in hopes someone here in Clarion can help me in the right direction to complete that mission.
I have been looking for the birthplace of my Great Great Grandfather, Reed Thomas Goe. He was the second doctor to practice in Clarion, PA during the early and middle years of 1800. I have proof of his existence in Clarion in 1840, 1850, and 1860 when he was the second practicing doctor in that area and in the early 1860's, joined, the 103rd PA Volunteers, along with his two sons, Norval Douglas Goe and James Goe, to fight in the Civil War. He and his son James remained in the war for about a year, while his other son Norval Douglas re enlisted for another term and was captured and imprisoned in Andersonville Prison for the duration of the war. Reed returned to Clarion after his short stay in the army and continued to practice and died in 1865. He wife Eliza McCulley Goe remained in the vicinity on a farm, but his children moved on to Oil City and Titusville.
I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of him or has any information about him, his previous family, father or mother, and place of birth. He was born approximately in 1803, somewhere in Ireland. I have hired two different professional genealogists to do preliminary searches for his birth place, but they could not find anything in their search. I have just about exhausted my resources for searching for his origin and am becoming desperate in locating something about him that would give me a clue. Are there any Civil War enlistment records that might contain some of that information. I have his death date April 18, 1865. I am not sure where he is buried, but he did live at one time in or near Snydersburg. I found him there on a 1850 census and again in 1860. He was mustered into the army September 7, 1861 and discharged July 14, 1862. His son James shows the same dates in the military service, but Norval Douglas Goe stayed in the army as was captured and was sent to Florence Prison and later transferred to Andersonville, where he worked as a Hospital Steward for his duration in prison. I hope someone can help me, any little bit would be appreciated very much.
Thank you for you time and consideration in this matter.
George H. Goe
1419 Chloe Terrace
Sebring, Florida 33870-2060
Phone: (863) 471-0670

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