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"The City of Roses"

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Statistics & Facts

The Oregon state capital is Salem.
The population of Portland is approximately 513,325 (2000), 583776 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 198,368 (1990), 248546 (2010).
The amount of land area in Portland is 322.873 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Portland is 130 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 25.009 sq kilometers.
The distance from Portland to Washington DC is 2455 miles.
The distance to the Oregon state capital is 46 miles. (as the crow flies)
Portland is positioned 45.53 degrees north of the equator and 122.65 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Portland elevation is from sea level to 11,235 with an average elevation of 173 feet above sea level.
The Portland city flower is the Rose.
The city bird is the Great Blue Heron.
Portland average annual rainfall is 37 inches per year
Portland average temperature is 66 (summer) and 38 (winter) degrees F.


North West Oregon where the Columbia and Willamette rivers meet on the Washington/Oregon border. Portland is about 78 miles from the Pacific Ocean.
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mild, with high temperatures in the summer rarely over 80 and winter temperatures rarely below 40.
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History & History Related Items

Portland and Oregon's history begins with images of covered wagons, pioneers and fur trappers against a backdrop of rugged mountains, beautifully green forest, the roaring of wild rivers and the hardship of the Oregon Trail.

Men of the Lewis and Clark expedition entered this wild country in 1806. Twenty years later, the Columbia River had become almost exclusively the shipping lane of the Hudson's Bay Company with the British bringing in shiploads of much needed supplies and leaving laden with lush furs.

Portland was founded in 1851 and was part of a 640 acre land claim owned by Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove. Lovejoy, a native of Massachusetts, wanted to name the settlement Boston. Pettygrove was from Maine and wanted to name the settlement Portland. The disagreement wa settled with a coin toss. Pettygrove. won.

The early settlers were determined to build a community where businesses could grow and prosper and so the people and natural resources were nurtured.

Oregon was the only state in the country to pass a "bottle bill" requiring a 5 cent deposit on beverage cans and bottles. Thanks to the far-sighted legislators in the early 1970's, private land owners can't restrict access to Oregon's beaches. Beaches belong to the people. The Portland area leads the country in light-rail development that boasted the best transit system in the country. Many volunteer groups work to keep our highways and beaches clean because "recycling is a way of life." The spirit of those Oregon pioneers laid the foundation for what Oregon and Portland is today: A good place to live and raise a family.

(Information researched and submitted by Lacy Krikland, High Desert Middle School)
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Outdoor Recreation: camping, fishing, hiking, river rafting, biking, skiing, wind surfing, and kite flying

Sports: Portland offers many spectator sports, from the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers to many other sports.

Culture: Many art galleries and museums
The Oregon History Center: We're a lot more than just a museum. Explore the history of your home, neighborhood, heirlooms, and family. Attend exciting children's fairs, family events, workshops and group tours. Join us on travels through the Old Oregon Country and discover the treasures of our heritage in our colorful exshibits, famous museum, and extensive research library. Oregon history is unforgettable. And, by coincidence, so is a visit to the Oregon History Center. Tues through Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5 (Closed Monday) Cost: $ 4.50 for Adults, $ 1.50 for students. Members & children under six free. Seniors free Thursdays. Group tours available (call 503-222-1741) 1200 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR 97205-2483

Mount Hood

Attractions in Portland

The Grotto's Christmas Festival of Lights
Call (503) 261-2400 for more information

Portland Rose Festival
1999 Festival is June 3-27, 1999
Please call the Portland Rose Festival association for information:

The Portland Saturday Market
The largest open-air crafts market in the COUNTRY!
108 West Burnside
Portland, Oregon 97209-4091
Phone: (503) 222-6072

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry
1945 SE Water Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97214
Phone: 503-797-4000
Please call for more information

Portland Art Museum
1219 SW Park Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205
Phone: 503-226-2811

Metro Washington Park Zoo
4001 SW Canyon Road
Portland, Oregon 97221
Phone: 503-226-ROAR or 226-7627
This zoo has constructed mini ecosystems that mirror those found across the world. You'll be as close as you'd ever want to be to the beauty of the wild side of this planet.

CascadeLink is a web site with information about the Portland/Vancouver, Washington region. It's chockful of useful information and links

Wild Side Portland - Many other adventures to have in the Portland area.
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Portland City Government

Portland's government has a Mayor/4 city Commissioners

Portland City Hall Information
1220 SW 5th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97204-1913
Phone: 503-823-4000

City of Portland
1844 SW Morrison St.
Portland, Oregon 97205-1605
Phone: 503-248-4345

Portland Chamber

Portland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
221 NW 2nd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209-3999
Phone: 503-228-9411
Fax: 503-228-5126

These are listings for Chamber offices in Portland:
7740 SE Harmony Rd.
Portland, Oregon 97222-1269
Phone: 503-654-7777

121 SW Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon 97204-2901
Phone: 503-294-3919

12420 SW Main St.
Portland, Oregon 97223-6110
Phone: 503-639-1656

26 SW Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon 97204-3208
Phone: 503-275-9750

Portland Organizations

Portland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
221 NW 2nd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209-3999
Phone: 503-228-9411
Fax: 503-228-5126

These are listings for Chamber offices in Portland:
7740 SE Harmony Rd.
Portland, Oregon 97222-1269
Phone: 503-654-7777

121 SW Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon 97204-2901
Phone: 503-294-3919

12420 SW Main St.
Portland, Oregon 97223-6110
Phone: 503-639-1656

26 SW Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon 97204-3208
Phone: 503-275-9750

Portland Libraries

Multnomah County Library
Serving the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area

These are the addresses for some of the Portland Libraries:

805 SE 122nd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97233-1107
Phone: 503-248-5392

3605 NE 15th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97212-2358
Phone: 503-248-5362

6008 SE 49th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97206-6117
Phone: 503-248-5399

3930 NE Hancock St.
Portland, Oregon 97212-5320
Phone: 503-248-5391

512 N. Killingsworth St.
Portland, Oregon 97217-2330
Phone: 503-248-5394

7904 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97202-6703Phone: 503-248-5398

7921 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97213-7150
Phone: 503-248-5386

1525 SW Sunset Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97201-2625
Phone: 503-248-5388

7510 N. Charleston Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97203-3709
Phone: 503-248-5397

17917 SE Stark St.
Portland, Oregon 97233-4825
Phone: 503-248-5396

Portland Schools

Portland School District
501 N. Dixon St.
Portland, Oregon 97220-1804
Phone: 503-916-2000

Portland Public Schools Fndtn.
2627 NE ML King Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97212-3758
Phone: 503-335-0352


Portland State University
724 SW Harrison St.
Portland, Oregon 97201-3295
Phone: 503-725-3000

Apollo College offers certificate and degree programs ranging from four months to two years of study.
The college has 6 locations: North Phoenix, West Phoenix, Mesa, Tuscon (all in Arizona). Additional facilities are located in Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington.
Portland, Oregon location:
Portland Campus
2600 S.E. 98th
Portland, Oregon 97266-1302
Phone: (503) 761-6100 Portland


The population of Portland was:
1999 - 512,395
2000 - 513,325

The City bird, the Great Blue Heron, was indicated as such by Resolution No. 34215 in 1986

The City Song is “Portlandia.” Adopted by the city council on 3 May 1989, Resolution 34547 "Portlandia," written by Marc C. Miller

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