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The Birthplace of Modern Football

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Statistics & Facts

The Ohio state capital is Columbus.
The population of Canton is approximately 79,478 (2005), 73007 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 36,527 (1990), 29705 (2010).
The amount of land area in Canton is 52.378 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Canton is 21 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0.036 sq kilometers.
The distance from Canton to Washington DC is 272 miles.
The distance to the Ohio state capital is 105 miles. (as the crow flies)
Canton is positioned 40.81 degrees north of the equator and 81.37 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Canton elevation is 1,100 feet above sea level.
Canton median income is $ 28,730 (2000).
The Canton median home price is $ 66,300 (2000).


in northeast Ohio about 21 miles from Akron. Other nearby communities include Meyers Lake, Hills and Dales, North Canton, East Canton, Perry Heights, Louisville, Greentown and East Sparta.
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History & History Related Items

Here is a history page for Canton.

Here is an excerpt from the above history page. Click on that link for more history information. "Canton goes back to 1769, when the site was bequeathed by a Delaware Indian to a white man and sold in turn to Bezaleel Wells, a surveyor from Steubenville; he in turn laid out the first plot and sold lots in 1806. Canton was the first town to be laid out and settled in Stark County. The same year the first log cabin was erected and the first state road to the southwest opened. In 1807, the first store was established and a tanyard and gristmill started. In 1809, the Government established a Post Office. In 1811, the first schoolhouse was built. In 1815, Canton was incorporated as a village, 1834 as a town, and 1854 as a city.

The question is often asked, "Where did Canton get its name"? An Irish trader by the name of Captain John O'Donnell purchased a plantation in Baltimore and named it "The Canton Estate" in commemoration of the fact that he had transported the first cargo to arrive at Baltimore from Canton, China.

Bezaleel Wells was living in Baltimore at the time, and Captain O'Donnell was a hero to him and the other young men of the town. Six weeks before Mr. Wells recorded the plat of Canton in New Lisbon, news of Captain O'Donnell's death reached Steubenville. Therefore, when Mr. Wells recorded the plat and named it, he called it Canton."

Historical Photos of Canton.

The Birthplace of Modern Football
Back on an upper floor of a recently torn down building in downtown Canton, Ohio (around 1920), the first professional league in the US was formed. Of course, the Professional Football Hall of Fame was located here in the early 1960's because of that fact.
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Canton/Stark County Convention and Visitor's Bureau
Phone - 330 454-1439
Toll-free: 800 533-4302

Professional Football Hall of Fame
2121 George Halas Drive NW
Canton, Ohio 44708
Phone: (330) 456-8207
Football as you've never experienced it.
Please call ahead for hours of operation and admission costs.

Canton Classic Car Museum
555 Market Ave S
Canton, OH 44702-2111
Phone: 330-455-3603

Canton Museum Of Art
1001 Market Ave N
Canton, OH 44702
Phone: 330-453-7666

Mc Kinley Museum and National Memorial
800 Mckinley Monument Dr NW
Canton, OH 44708-4832
Phone: 330-455-7043

MAPS Air Museum
Military Aviation Preservation
2260 International Parkway
North Canton, OH 44720
Phone: 330-896-6332

National First Ladies Library
331 Market Avenue South
Canton, Ohio 44702
Phone: (330) 452-0876
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Canton City Government

The City of Canton, Ohio

Canton Mayor's Office
218 Cleveland Ave SW
Canton, OH 44702-1906
Phone: 330 489-3291
Fax: 330 489-3282

The City of Canton has a Statutory form of government made up of three branches: the executive branch with the Mayor and related offices, the legislative branch which includes the Canton City Council and the judicial branch which is the Canton Municipal Court District. Canton is the County Seat of Stark County

Canton Municipal Court


Stark County Website

Canton Chamber

Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce
222 Market Avenue North
Canton, Ohio 44702
Phone: (330) 456-7253
Toll-free: (800) 533-4302
FAX: (330) 452-7786

Canton Organizations

Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce
222 Market Avenue North
Canton, Ohio 44702
Phone: (330) 456-7253
Toll-free: (800) 533-4302
FAX: (330) 452-7786

Canton Libraries

North Branch
189 25th St NW
Canton, OH 44709
Phone: 330-456-4356

Stark County District Library
715 Market Ave N
Canton, OH 44702-1018
Phone: 330-452-0665

Canton Schools

Canton City Schools
617 McKinley Ave. SW
Canton, OH 44707
Main Switchboard: (330) 438-2500

Plain Local Schools
901 44th St. N.W.
Canton, OH 44709
Phone: 330-492-3500
Fax: 330-493-5542


Kent State University - Stark Campus
6000 Frank Ave. NW
Canton, OH 44720-7599
Phone: 330-499-9600 (Canton)
Phone: 330-535-3377 (Akron)

Malone College
515 25th Street N. W.
Canton, OH 44709
Phone: (330) 471-8100

Stark State College of Technology
6200 Frank Ave. NW
Canton, Ohio 44720
Phone: 330-494-6170
Toll-free: 800-79-STARK

Walsh University
2020 Easton Street N.W.
Canton, Ohio 44720
Toll-free: 800-362-9846 Canton


The population of Canton was:
1950 - 116,000
1960 - 113,631
1970 - 110,053
1980 - 93,000
1990 - 84,161
2000 - 80,806
2005 - 79,478

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