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Statistics & Facts

The New York state capital is Albany.
The population of Blauvelt is approximately 4,838 (1990), 5689 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 1,480 (1990), 1647 (2010).
The amount of land area in Blauvelt is 11.767 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0.172 sq kilometers.
The distance from Blauvelt to Washington DC is 224 miles.
The distance to the New York state capital is 110 miles. (as the crow flies)
Blauvelt is positioned 41.06 degrees north of the equator and 73.95 degrees west of the prime meridian.

History & History Related Items

Settled in the 1600's by Dutch (Blauvelt is Dutch for blue field). By the mid 1800's, it was a majority German immigrant town. Circa 1864, George Lediger purchased the Jacob Blauvelt farm. He, and then, the Klee brothers operated a general store.

Today, it is Esposito's Market, on western highway. John Raab also purchased a home about the same time(1864). Today it is the library.
In 1942, most land west of western highway was annexed under the war powers act. It became Camp Shanks. From 1946-56 Shanks became Shanks Village, veterans housing. It was the largest veterans student housing in the USA. It was closed in 1956, but some of its roads are still there.
Ave A is now Lester/Edgewood Dr
Ave B, now Dutch Hill Rd.
In 1955 the Tappan Zee bridge was opened. This forever changed Blauvelt from rural to suburban. In 1957, St Catharine's school opened. In 1964, St Catharines Church (est 1868) burned down. It was rebuilt adjacent to the school. I lived across the street from St. Catharines, moving into the then new house(1954) at 165 s. Western Hwy (bought by my father, Tom Davis sr) who resided there till moving to Calif in 1966. Many new developments began to appear as veterans from Shanks finished their education and elected to remain in the area. i will always considerate it my home, hope my old house is doing well. Submitted by: Tom Davis, Jr.
Member of the last 7th grade class of Blauvelt Grammar School (Tappanzee Jr/Sr. HS opened in 1960) Some of this information came from the book, "St. Catharine's Church Celebrates 125 Years", published by 'Custombook' of 77 Main St. Tappan, N.Y. 10983.
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Blauvelt Historical Events

1950's (or thereabouts)
I've been told that my Blauvelt Grammar School recess home-run record of 43, in one year's recesses still stands; but I doubt that it's verifiable! Submitted by Tom Davis

Blauvelt Community News

My sister & I are still curious about two huge old houses that once stood just east of the railroad tracks behind St. Catharines church. One was burned to the ground in the early sixties by the fire department, for practice, and most of the spectators came down with poison ivy or sumac. The other, a little north of the one behind the church, was still standing when I was drafted in 1966. Both houses were on large land tracks and their build was similar to the Esposito's market structure. Both were abandoned for years, and I don't recall anyone who knew how they came to be abandoned, or who the previous owners were(or the current landowners).In the late fifties a frozen body was found in the more northern house, and all of us kid explorers were banned from entering the property. While visiting the area a couple years ago, I drove along Western Highway and tried to enter an access road near the houses location. It was just dark, so I couldn't tell if the house still stood; and I thought I saw someone walking in the woods with a rifle, so I retreated. The area still looks as undeveloped as it always had- still puzzling after all these years! If anyone can enlighten us, we'd be delighted.
Thanks, Tom Davis

Blauvelt Libraries

Blauvelt Free Library
541 Western Hwy
Blauvelt, NY 10913-2014
Phone: 914-359-2811

Dominican College Library
492 Western Hwy
Blauvelt, NY 10913-2000
Phone: 914-359-8188

Blauvelt Schools

Dominican College-Teacher
470 Western Hwy
Blauvelt, NY 10913-2000
Phone: 914-359-3577

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