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Government Links page for Nevada
Great links page for all levels of government in Nevada

State Of Nevada

State Attorney General
100 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-684-1100
Fax: 775-684-1108

Nevada Motor Vehicles
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711
Phone: (775) 684-4368 - Reno area
Phone: (702) 486-4368 - Las Vegas area
Phone: 1-877-368-7828 - Rural Nevada areas

Nevada Association Of Counties
201 S. Roop Street, Suite 101
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-883-7863

There are 17 counties in the state. Carson City is actually a consolidated municipality, but is considered to be a county for most purposes.

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1860 - 6,857
1870 - 42,941
1880 - 62,266
1890 - 47,355
1900 - 42,335
1910 - 81,875
1920 - 77,407
1930 - 91,058
1940 - 110,247
1950 - 160,083
1960 - 285,278
1970 - 488,738
1980 - 800,493
1990 - 1,201,833
2000 - 1,998,257
2005 - 2,414,807

2009 - 2,643,085

Population Density:
2000 - 18.21 persons per square mile

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Nevada has borders with Oregon and Idaho to the north; California to the west; Arizona to the southeast; and Utah to the east. The border with Arizona includes the Colorado River and Hoover Dam.

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Nevada is mostly desert and semi-arid areas. Highs can be extremely so, well over 100 degrees during the summer months. Conversely, during the winter months temperatures in parts of the state may go as low as -50 degrees. Southern Nevada has more extreme temperatures than does the northern half of the state.

Average annual rainfall: 7 inches
some areas may get as much as 40 inches of rain each year. This is mostly on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Range.

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Other Facts and Figures:

Latitude - 35°N to 42°N
Longitude - 114°W to 120°W

Per capita Income:
1999 - $21,989
2007 - $39,853

Median household income:
2003 - $45,249

Nevada is also one of only a few states with no personal income tax

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Though the area was home to many Indian tribes, as the Mohave, Paiute, Shoshoni and Washoe, the harsh desert climate kept settlement to a minimum. A few explorers came through the area in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Captain John C. Fremont explored here from 1843 to 1845 for the possibility of westward expansion. His maps and notes on the area were actively read and encouraged many to come west also. Many of the new settlers were not thoroughly aware of the dangers of the area. The Donner Party, in 1846 learned first-hand of the bitter winters in the High Sierras.

After the Mexican War in 1848, the US was granted much of the Mexican land, including what is now Nevada. Not long after, Mormons founded the first permanent settlement called Mormon Station which is not called Genoa. They also established a mission in the Las Vegas area which eventually failed.

Until 1859 and the discovery of silver at Virginia City, Nevada was sparsely located. With the silver rush, the territory of Nevada was created in 1861. The state of Nevada was created by Abraham Lincoln on Oct 31, 1864, becoming the 36th state. By the 1870's, the silver rush was over and Nevada entered a 20 year depression. Around the turn of the century, more discoveries of ore were made to bolster the economy. Further discoveries aided the recovery. Nevada realized that diversification was an important item for the state. Irrigation was introduced to the dry valley ground which helped it blossom into good farmland for hay, wheat, cantaloupes and potatoes.

By 1900, with the end of the silver boom and the dry, hot desert climate outweighing the call of the silver riches, the population of Nevada began to shrink. Nevada was the least populated state in the country. Then, Nevada began to legalize many things that were not legal in other states, particularly in California, its neighboring state. With this liberalization came more visitors, new residents and businesses.

In 1931, Gambling was legalized bringing economic prosperity to the state. Along with the gambling, liberal marriage and divorce laws were instated bringing even more visitors to the state. The construction of Hoover Dam during the depression years also helped the area to attract workers, visitors and business. By the 1950's, gambling was the largest portion of the state's economy. Much of Nevada is owned by the federal government - over 85%, including Indian reservations, military testing sites, wildlife refuges, mining, national parkland, etc.

Besides being known as the Silver State because of the large deposits of silver mined in the state, other nicknames were coined for Nevada. It was known as the Sagebrush State for obvious reasons. Another nickname was the Battle Born State. Nevada was the 36th state and became such in 1864 during the Civil War on the Union side of the conflict. The phrase, Battle Born, is also on the state flag for the same reason.

1861 Territorial map of Nevada
1861 Territorial Seal

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Highest Point: 13,143 feet above sea level - Boundary Peak, White Mountains
Lowest Point: 470 feet above sea level on the Colorado River
Mean State elevation: 5,499 feet above

The state has varied geography. The greatest portion of the northern part of the state is in the Great Basin Desert. Winters here tend to be colder than southern deserts. Snowfall is not rare in this area. This area also has the higher mountain ranges with some peaks as high as 12,000 feet. Major rivers that flow into the northern areas are the Walker,Truckee and Carson Rivers.

In the eastern portion of the state there is quite a bit of summer monsoon conditions with more green growth than other parts of the state. Sagebrush is abundant.

In the south, most areas are within the Mojave Desert. Las Vegas is included in this portion. There are no high mountain peaks in the south and mostly dry desert terrain. There is less precipitation than in other portions of the state though summer monsoons are experienced more frequently than further north.

Total area - 110,567 square miles
Width - 322 miles
Length - 490 miles

Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone
West Wendover in northeastern Nevada is located in the Mountain Time Zone

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Kindred Trails page for Nevada

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US GenWeb page for Nevada

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Nevada Department of Education
700 E. Fifth Street
Carson City, NV 89701
PHone: 775-687-9200

Nevada State High School
Earn your high school diploma while working towards a college degree with dual credit.

Nevada State College
1125 Nevada State Drive
Henderson, NV 89002
Phone: 702-992-2000

College of Southern Nevada
6375 W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Phone: 702-651-5000

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

Nevada System of Higher Education

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Though the state is mostly known for its gambling, there are other important sectors to the Nevada economy.
Mining and cattle ranching are the largest of these sectors after tourism, particularly outside of the Vegas and Reno metropolitan areas.
A good deal of gold is mined in the state with silver a distant second in amounts being mined.
Cattle and sheep are the main livestock raised. The major crop is hay for use as animal feed. Also grown are alfalfa, barley, garlic, mint, onions, potatoes and wheat.

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Organizations & Groups

Nevada chamber links and information

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Attractions & Other Information

Nevada Tourism page
Nevada Commission on Tourism
401 N. Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Toll-free: 800-Nevada8

The Nevada Travel Guide to Nevada

Ripleys Ghost Towns and Other Adventures - Ghost towns in California, Nevada, Utah

Nevada State Museums
Nevada Division of Museums and History
708 North Curry Street
Carson City, NV 89703
Phone: 775-687-4340

Nevada State Parks


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