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First Settlement

The first settlement was Genoa, which is near Carson City. It was originally called Mormon Station, as it was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1849.

Name of Nevada

The name of "Nevada" was given when the territory was established in 1861. It is from the Spanish language and means "snow-capped"


Nevada admitted as part of the Utah Territory


On March 2, it was admitted as the Territory of Nevada.


Admitted as the State of Nevada on October 31. This date is celebrated as a state holiday.

State Capital

The state capital is Carson City. It was selected as such in 1864.

State Seal

The state seal was adopted February 24, 1886.

Description: The seal has the words "The Great Seal of the State of Nevada" around the outer edge. Within this, is a composite picture showing the mining, agriculture, industry and scenery of Nevada, under which is the state motto, "All For Our Country."


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