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Statistics & Facts

The Nevada state capital is Carson City.
The population of Virginia City is approximately 1,500 (1990), 855 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 410 (2010).
Virginia City elevation is 6,220 feet above sea level.


23 miles from Reno, Nevada and 15 miles from Carson City, the State Capital, near Lake Tahoe and Reno in northwestern Nevada.
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History & History Related Items

During the 1870's, Virginia City was the mining metropolis of the west, with 30,000 residents, banks, churches, theaters, 110 saloons and even an elevator - the only one between Chicago and San Francisco! Because of the discovery of the Comstock Silver Lode, prosperity reigned in Virginia City during this time. Two famous people worked in Virginia City for the "Territorial Enterprise," Nevada's first newspaper. They were Mark Twain and Bret Harte. The paper has, in recent years, been known for several ficticious stories, such as the one in 1959 of the National Championship Camel Races on Labor Day weekend. It began as a made-up event, but has since become a real-live major event for the state.

There has been activity to restore Virginia City to its booming days in the 1870's. Many places have been restored and re-created. Among them are: the Wild West Museum, Bucket of Blood Saloon, the Ponderosa Saloon, the Way It Was Museum and the Delta Saloon.

A great history page for Virginia City

The Comstock Lode
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South end of Virginia City, Nevada
Phone: 775-847-0975
This 4-story Victorian school was built in 1876 as a centennial birthday present to the state. It included running water, flush toilets and central heat, with a gym on the top floor. Now it houses an extensive collection of artifacts and exhibits with focus on the Comstock's incredible past. Proud sponsor of Comstock Preservation Weekend in May. Open May-Oct., donations suggested.

Center of Virginia City on 'C' Street.
Virginia City, Nevada
Phone: 775-847-0757
Learn the history and the mystery of the Underground, take the daily guided mine tours, just a few steps from the sidewalk. See the stopes, winzes, drifts and shafts of the old mine workings, the timbering methods and machinery used in the early day mining of the richest place on earth.

The Mark Twain Museum of Memories
Phone: 775-847-0454
See a collection of rare nickelodeons, telephones and radios and more. Treat yourself to hear a recording of Twain's works.

Piper's Opera House
B and Union St.
Phone: 775-847-0433
Built in the 1880's, this opera house has been many years of performing, including visits from such greats as: Edwin Booth, Lotta Crabtree, and others of the mining town circuits. See original scenery from the 19th century as well as a museum of playbvills, posters, etc. Guided tours are available.

MacKay Mansion
129 S. D St.
Virginia City, NV
Phone: 775-847-0173
A 10 room home built in 1861 that served as the headquarters of the Gould and Curry Mine Co. Later the benefactor of much money to the Nevada educational system, John MacKay, lived in the home.

Comstock Firemen's Museum
125 S. C St.
Phone: 775-847-0717
See antique fire engines and equipment, some dating back as far as 1859. Relics from that time to the present may be seen.

Learn all about Virginia City, Nevada

Loads of information, pictures and other things about Virginia City and the Comstock Lode area

things to see and do in Virginia City.
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Virginia City Chamber

Virginia City Chamber of Commerce
V & T Railroad Car on 'C' St
PO Box 464
Virginia City, Nevada 89440
Phone: 775-847-0311

Virginia City Organizations

Virginia City Chamber of Commerce
V & T Railroad Car on 'C' St
PO Box 464
Virginia City, Nevada 89440
Phone: 775-847-0311

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