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Toms River Miscellaneous information

Note about Toms River and Dover Township:
Special Caution on census information concerning Dover Township and Toms River When tracking census information about Dover Township from any previous census, a word of warning is needed about its common name, Toms River. Strictly speaking, Toms River is the name only of the historic downtown area that was the colonial village of Toms River. However, it is quite common for residents to refer to all of Dover Township as Toms River. This usage is seen in the schools (Toms River Regional School District), businesses (Toms River-Ocean County Chamber of Commerce) and many other areas of life (Toms River East Little League). Before the 2000 census, considerable confusion arose from the Toms River Census Designated Place or CDP. The Census defined the Toms River CDP as only the immediate downtown area. The population was given as 7,524 in 1990. Anyone from out of the area who was only familiar with the more common name Toms River naturally used the Toms River CDP figures thinking they measured the whole town. They believed from those figures that Dover Township was less than 10% of the size it really was in 1990. This confusion caused many complaints including those from real estate agents, businesses looking for financing and local groups applying for grants. For the 2000 census, local and state government officials requested that the Toms River CDP be redefined. The United States Census agreed with the proviso that a census designated place may not have the same geographical boundaries as a municipality. Now the new Toms River CDP is defined as all of Dover Township except for the two small areas on the barrier island flanking the town of Lavallette and the Dover Township section of Pelican Island. With a 2000 population reported for Dover Township of 89,706 and a 2000 population of 86,327 for the Toms River CDP, future confusion between the two will be much less serious.
This information is from the Ocean County Library.

The population of Toms River was:
1990 - 7,524 (note - population designated area changed for the 2000 census. See above entry)
2000 - 86,327

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