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The Capitol in Lincoln was constructed from 1922 to 1932 at a cost of $10 million. The four hundred foot domed tower and low spreading base contain exterior and interior artwork representing the natural, social and political development of Nebraska.

Information: 402-471-0448
Please call for hours of operation

The name of Nebraska means broad river from various sources.  When John Fremont crossed the Platte River in 1842, he referred to the area as Nebraska.  When the territory was created in 1854, this was the name that was used to name it.


The official nickname for Nebraska is the Cornhusker State.  This became the official motto in 1945 when it replaced the then motto that was, “The Tree Planters State.”  The new motto was to recognize the University of Nebraska football team.  It also may refer to the corn industry in the state.

Other nicknames for the state have been numerous.  Very early on, a nickname was the “Antelope State.”  This was around 1870 and was in recognition of the many antelope that roamed the prairieland of Nebraska.  Later on 4 April 1895, the “Tree Planters State” became the official state motto.  Thousands of trees were planted across the state as windbreaks on the prairie, as orchards for fruit and for fuel.  Also, J. Sterling Morton of this state founded Arbor Day in 1872.  This motto remained in place until 1945 when it was replaced by the current motto.

Some of the other mottos or nicknames used for Nebraska have been the “Beef State” for obvious reasons.  This appeared on the state license plates in the mid-1900’s.  Another motto on the interesting side is the “Bug-eating State.”  There are many bull bats in the state.  These bats eat many more insects than there are bats and are sometimes referred to as Bug-eaters, thus the nickname.  Lastly, Nebraska was called the “Blackwater State” for the dark soil that filtered into the streams in the state making the water a dark color.




Nebraska State Parks
Phone: 800-826-PARK (7275)


Travel and Tourism Division
Nebraska Tourism Office
P.O. Box 98913
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-8913
Phone: 800-228-4307 Dept 937

Government Links page for Nebraska
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