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Wayne County

North Carolina

Facts & Information

The Cities and communities of Wayne County, North Carolina *






Mount Olive







Seven Springs

Walnut Creek

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Information & Facts about Wayne County, North Carolina

Nearby Counties to Wayne County are:

Duplin, Sampson, Johnston, Wilson, Greene and Lenoir Counties


The county is located in the east-central part of the state in the coastal plain region. The county measures approximately 29 miles from north to south and 14-27 miles from east to west and has 553.97 square miles.


Wayne County history page

Established on 2 November 1779, this county was named for a trusted soldier and friend of General George Washington, General Anthony Wayne. His nickname was "Mad Anthony Wayne." The county area was taken from Dobbs County. The current courthouse was built in 1914


2000 - 113,329


of the municipalities in the county Goldsboro is a city, Eureka, Fremont, Mount Olive, Pikeville and Seven Springs are towns and Walnut Creek is a village.

Wayne County is governed by a commissioner-manager system consisting of 7 members elected for four-year terms. One commissioner is elected from each of six different voting districts in the County and one member is elected countywide. All seven members serve concurrent four-year terms.

Wayne County website
PO Box 227
224 E. Walnut Street
Goldsboro, NC 27533

Wayne County Schools
2001 East Royal Avenue
P.O. Drawer 1797
Goldsboro, NC 27530
Phone: 919 731-5900
Fax: 919 705-6199

Wayne County Sheriffs office
Please call at (919)731-1481


Most of Wayne County has gently rolling uplands and broad bottomland along the rivers and creeks. The Neuse River is the largest waterway, running through the lower central portion of the county. Other rivers include the Little River and the Northeast Cape Fear River. The elevations range from approximately 120 to 145 feet above sea level.


The climate in the county is not severe. The summers are warm and the winters are moderate. The yearly average temperature is around 62 degrees F. The average annual precipitation is 50 inches of rainfall, most falling in late spring and summer.

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