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Ravalli County


Facts & Information

The Cities and communities of Ravalli County, Montana *

Charlos Heights






Hamilton * County Seat

Medicine Springs






*This list of cities may not be complete

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Information & Facts about Ravalli County, Montana

Hamilton is the county seat of Ravalli County which basically covers the Bitterroot Valley. The Valley, itself, is 25 miles wide and 96 miles long and covers 2,383 square miles. It has varied scenery and activities of all kinds. The Valley has 1.6 million forest acres! Big game in the area include Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Black Bear, and Mountain Lion. The main timber of the area includes Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Lodge Pole Pine, Spruce Fir, and Western Larch.

A Calendar of Events for the Bitterroot Valley area.

Population: 27,000 (1990)
Elevation for the valley: 3,200 - 3,890 feet above sea level
Highest Peak in the valley: Trapper Peak at 10,157 feet

Snowfall - 47 inches per year
Rainfall - 12.75 inches per year.
First Frost - September 23


Famous explorers, Lewis and Clark gave the name, Bitterroot Valley, to this area when they noticed the profuse growth of the Bitterroot plant. The actual botanical name for Bitterroot is Lewisia rediviva. The Bitterroot was named the official State Flower in 1895. When the Valley was named, Bitter Root was two words. The name was made one in 1908 by Executive Order.
The Alta Ranger Station was one of the first cabins built on Forrest Reserves in 1899.

Nearby Counties to Ravalli County are:

North - Ravalli County
South - Beaverhead County
South - Deer Lodge County
East - Granite County
West - Idaho State

Ravalli County
205 Bedford St # 5018
Hamilton, MT 59840-2853
Phone: 406-375-6259
Clerk & Recorder Phone: 406-375-6212

Hamilton, Darby, Pinesdale and Stevensville have their own Municipal Governments

Ravalli County Museum
205 Bedford St
Hamilton, MT 59840-2853
Phone: 406-363-3338

Ravalli County School Superintendent
Hamilton, MT 59840
Phone: 406-375-6273

Ravalli County Fair Office
100 Old Corvallis Rd
Hamilton, MT 59840-3122
Phone: 406-363-3411

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