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Perry County


Rising Star of South Mississippi

Facts & Information

The Cities and communities of Perry County, Mississippi *





New Augusta




*This list of cities may not be complete. The list may contain towns, cities, villages, boroughs, townships, ghost towns and other populated places.

If you have information about any of these unlinked communities or have a community not listed at all, please send it to us and we will add a page for that community. Some of these places above may only be neighborhoods or local area names and are not listed with the census at all or just included in a larger surrounding designated census area.

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Information & Facts about Flathead County, Mississippi

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Perry County Government & Chamber of Commerce

Perry County Circuit Court:
Marriages, criminal records, civil records
Perry County Circuit Clerk
P.O. Box 198
New Augusta, MS 39462-0198
Phone: (601) 964-8398

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1820 - 2,037
1830 - 2,300
1840 - 1,889
1850 - 2,438
1860 - 2,606
1870 - 2,694
1880 - 3,427
1890 - 6,494
1900 - 14,682
1910 - 7,685
1920 - 8,987
1930 - 8,197
1940 - 9.292
1950 - 9,108
1960 - 8,745
1970 - 9,065
1980 - 9,864
1990 - 10,865
2000 - 12,138
2003 - 12,220
2007 - 12,205
2008 - 12,235

2000 - 19 persons per square mile

Housing Units:
2000 - 5,107

Median age:
2000 - 33.5 years

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Perry County is located in the southeastern portion of the state, not too far from the Gulf Coast.

Neighboring areas include:
Northeast: Wayne County
East: Greene County
Southeast: George County
South: Stone County
West: Forrest County
Northwest: Jones County

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Current weather page for Perry County

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Other Facts and Figures:

Median household income:
2000 - $27,189

Per capita Income:
2000 - $12,837

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In 1809, Wayne County in Mississippi Territory was formed. In 1811 Greene County was carved out of Wayne County. Then, Perry County was founded on 3 February 1820. Some say it was formed because those settlers on the west of the river didn't want to cross the water to get to the courthouse. It was named for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, a hero of the War of 1812. The county seat was in Augusta in the center of the county untiul 1906. New Augusta grew up just two miles south of the old town to be closer to the railroad.

A history page for Perry County
Try this history page for the county

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The main river in the county is the Leaf River which was heavily utilized for transportation early on. Loggers used it as well as travellers. The river has many tributaries, one of which is Black Creek.

Total area: 650 square miles
Total land area: 647 square miles
Total water area: 3 square miles

Perry County Mountain Peaks & Summits

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My Mississippi Genealogy
Linkpendium page for Perry County

Mississippi Genealogy & History Network page for Perry County
Cemeteries of Perry County
Genealogy Trails page for Perry County

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Pine Forest Regional Library Headquarters
P O Box 1208..
210 Front Street
Richton MS 39476
Phone: 601-788-6539
Toll-free: 1-800-437-2941

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Perry County School District

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The mainstay of the local economy is the Timber and wood products industry. A number of large companies in this sector operate here. There are many timber producing areas in the county which leads to dominance in the production of wood products.

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Organizations & Groups

First Baptist Church
400 Elm St.
P.O. Box 562
Richton, MS 39476

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Attractions & Other Information

Mississippi Armed Forces Museum at nearby Camp Shelby

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