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What cities or communities are associated with these mottos, slogans, nicknames or where is the "home of_?" Find out by clicking on the link that intrigues you. If your own hometown is not here, send it to us and we'll add it in. The links are placed in this list in alphabetical order. The word, “the” is not used as the first word in a motto or nickname.



The Underwear Capital of the World

United and Proud

Utah's Brightest Star

Utah's City of Trees

Utah's Desert Treasure

Utah’s Dixie


Valley of the Bears

Valley of the Lions

Valley of the Sun

Valley of the Sun

Valley of the World

Venice of America

Vermont's Northern Treasure

The View of Tomorrow..Today

Village Beautiful

Village in the Valley

Village of Friendly Neighbors

Village of Homes & Industry

Village of Museums


Village of Parks

The Village of the Lone Tree

The Village with a Heart


The Village With a Past, the City With a Future

Virginia’s Tallest Town


The Walking Horse Capital of the World

Walleye Capital of the World

Washington's First Community

The Watercress Capital of the World

The Watermelon Capital of the World

The Watermelon Capital of the World

The Watermelon Capital of the World

The Watermelon Capital of the World

Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health

The Way Texas Used to Be

We are Here to Grow

Welcome Home to the Future

Welcome to Our Island

Welcome to Our Island

Welcome to Our Island

Welcome to Knox Where Opportunity Knocks

Welcome to the Good Life

We're Always Up to Something Funn!

We're On Our Way

We Saved a Place for You

The West at its Best


West County’s Best Kept Secret

Western Adventure

The Western Village in the Clouds

The West's Most Western Town

The Whaling City

What a Hometown Should Be

What a Neighborhood Should Be

What a Place to Grow

Where Adventure Begins

Where Adventure Begins

Where a House is a Home

Where All Stays the same

Where Caring is A Way of Life


Where Chiefs Meet

Where Country and World Come Together

Where Dallas Goes for Fun

Where Everybody is Somebody

Where Heaven Meets Earth

Where History and Good Times Come Alive

Where History and Nature Abound

Where History and Progress Meet

Where History Lives

Where History Lives

Where History Never Gets Old

Where Horses Have the Right of Way

Where Idaho Begins

Where Industry and Agriculture Meet

Where it All Comes Together

Where it's Good to be Alive

Where Nature Smiles for Seven Miles

Where North Carolina Begins

Where Northern Enterprise Meets Southern Hospitality

Where Northern Thrift and Personality Meet Southern Charm and Hospitality

Where People are Partners for Progress


Where People Care

Where People Care

Where Progress Meets Preservation

Where Preserving Our Past is Our Future

Where Shasta County's Old West History Began

Where Southern Hospitality Begins

Where Texas History Lives

Where Summer Spends the Winter

Where the Bald Eagles Soar and the Carp Drops

Where the Best Begins

Where the Ducks Walk on the Fish

Where the Forest meets the Sea

Where the Future Looks Brighter

Where the Green Grass Grows

Where the Name Just Says it All

Where the North Begins and the Pure Waters Flow

Where the Odds are with You

Where the Past meets the Future

Where the Past, Present and Future Meet

Where the People are Warm, even when the weather isn't

Where the Prairie Meets the Mountains

Where the Railroad Meets the River

Where the Sea Meets the Pines

Where the Sunshine and the Sea Air Meet

Where the Sun Spends the Winter

Where the Santa Fe Trail Divides

Where the Stars Come Out to Play

Where the Summer Sun Spends the Winter

Where the Surf Meets the Turf

Where the Swallows Return

Where the Trail Begins

Where the Trails Meet

Where the Train Still Stops and the Citizens Still Walk


Where the Trails Start and the Buck Stops

Where the Trek Begins

Where the Tropics Begin

Where the Trout Leap in Main Street

Where the Unique is Common


Where the West Begins

Where the West Begins

Where the West Begins Again

Where the West Still Lives

Where Vision Becomes Reality

Where You and the West Are One

Where Your Ship Comes In

The Whip City

The White Rose City

The Wickedest Little City in America

Wild Turkey Capital of the Pacific Northwest

The Windy City

Wing Capital of the World

Winter home of the endangered Manatee

Wisconsin's Park Place

Wisconsin’s Wild Turkey Hunting Capital

With Respect to the Past, Looking to the Future

With Time for You

The Wonder City

The Wonderful Land of Eden

World Famous Armadillo Festival

World’s Capital of Old-time Mountain Music

World's Greatest Man-Made Harbor

World's Largest Baseball Bat

World's Largest Basket

The World’s Largest Chee-to


World's Largest Chest of Drawers

World's Largest Concrete Totem Pole

World's Largest Covered Wagon

World's Largest Egg

World's Largest Elephant


World's Largest Peach

World's Largest Peanut

World's Largest Rocking Chair

World's Largest Rubik Cube

World's Largest Shuttlecock

World's Largest Strawberry

World's Tallest Filing Cabinet


World's Largest Teapot

World's Largest Tuned Wind Chimes

World's Largest Weathervane

The World's Most Famous Beach

World's Next Great International City

The World's Potato Capital

World's Wristwrestling Capitol

Working Together Nothing Is Impossible

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