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What cities or communities are associated with these mottos, slogans, nicknames or where is the "home of_?" Find out by clicking on the link that intrigues you. If your own hometown is not here, send it to us and we'll add it in. The links are placed in this list in alphabetical order. The word, “the” is not used as the first word in a motto or nickname.



The Safest City in Tennessee

Safest Little Town in Texas

The Sailfish Capital of the World

Salad Bowl of the World

Salmon Capital of the World

The Salt City

Saltwater Heaven

The Scenic City

The Scenic City

The Scenic Center of the South

The Seafood Capital of the World

Sea Country

See the Forest for the Trees

The Shark's Tooth Capitol of the World

The Shark's Tooth Capital of the World

Shell Capital of the World

The Silk City

Silver City

Simply the Best Place for You to Be

Sin City

Site of the Wabash-Eric Canal

Ski Town, USA

The Sky's the Limit

Smack in the Heart of Texas

Small City, Big Heart

Smallest City in the USA

Smallest Incorporated Town in Texas

Small Town Atmosphere - Big City Advantages

Small Town, Big Lake, Great People

Small Town Charm - Big City Appeal

Small Town Hospitality, Big City Advantages

Small Town Pride, focused on the future

The Small Town with a Big Heart

The Small Town with a Big Welcome

Small Town with A Large Heart

Snowshoe Capital of the US

Sockeye Salmon Capitol

Solar City, USA


Solartown, USA

Someplace Special

Something for Everyone

Soul of the Southwest

South Carolina's Magic Little City

South Carolina’s Riverfront

Southern Gateway to the Appalachians

Southern Gateway to the Black Hills

The Southern Gateway to the Iowa Great Lakes

Southern Part of Heaven

The South's Casino Capital

So Very Virginia

The Soybean Capital of the World

Space City

Space City, USA

Spamtown, USA

Spanish Village by the Sea

Sparkle City

Sparkling City by the Sea

Stagecoach Town, USA

The Speckled Perch Capitol of the World

The Spinach Capital of the World

The Spinach Capital of the World

Spirit by the Lake

The Spring City

The Star City of the South

Star of Big Sky Country

Star of the Texas Hill Country

The Star of the West

The State Capital since 1777

The Steel City

Strawberry Capital of the World

Strawberry Capital of the World

The Striper Capital of the World

Striving For Excellence

Striving to Make a Great Town Better

The Suitcase City

The Summit City of the Ozarks

Sun City

Sunflower Capital of the Sunflower State

Sunny Days & Western Ways

The Sunnyside of the Valley

The Sunshine City

Surf City, USA

The Swedish Village

Sweet Corn Capital of the World


Sweetest Town in Texas

Sweet Potato Capital of the World

The Sweetest Place on Earth

The Switzerland of America



You are welcome to contribute. Be sure to mention the name of the city and state and include the slogan. If you like, you may add a brief explanation of the item. Email it to newinfo@usacitiesonline.com . We always appreciate your input!

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