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What cities or communities are associated with these mottos, slogans, nicknames or where is the "home of_?" Find out by clicking on the link that intrigues you. If your own hometown is not here, send it to us and we'll add it in. The links are placed in this list in alphabetical order. The word, “the” is not used as the first word in a motto or nickname.






The Cactus Capital of Texas

Caladium Capital of the World

Californias New Frontier

California's Sunrise Seaport

Camelia Capital of the World

The Camillia City

Cantaloupe Center of the World

The Canoe Capital of Virginia

Capital of Santee Cooper Country

The Capital of Second Chances

The Capital of Silicon Valley

The Capital of Southern Hospitality

Capital of the Cow Country

The Capital of the World

The Capitol of the Seminole Nation

Cares More, Shares More

The Carousel Capital of the World

The Carpet Capital of the World

Carrot Capitol of the World

Catch Our Friendly Waves

Catch the Country Spirit

the Catfish Capitol of Iowa

Catfish Capital of the World

Cave-Diving Capital of the World

Celebrating Our Past, Embracing Our Future

Celebrating Small Town Life!

The Celery City

Center of Beautiful Living

The Center of South Florida

Center of the Southland

The Center of Valley Commerce

Cereal Capital of the World

The Chain of Lakes City

Charm City

The Charm of the Texas Coast

The Charm of the Texas Coast

Cherry Capital of the World

The Cherry Pit Spitting Capital of the World

The Chili Capital of the World


The Choice City

Christmas City

Christmas Pickle Capital of the World

Circus Capital of the World

The Circle City

The Circle City

The City Above the Clouds

The City Beautiful

The City by the Bay

The City Different

The City for Families

City in a Garden

City Living in a Rural Atmosphere

The City of Action

The City of Angels

City of Beautiful Homes

The City of Bright Tomorrows

The City of Brotherly Love

City of Champions

City of Champions

The City of Champions

City of Champions

City of Champions

City of Charm and Tradition

City of Churches

City of Colleges

The City of Destiny

The City of Destiny

City of Eagles

City of Elms and Roses

City of Energy

City of Eternal Sunshine

City of Excellence

City of Expanding Horizons

City of Faith and Beauty

The City of Fences, Benches & Flowers

City of Festivals

City of Firsts

City of Firsts

The City of Firsts

City of Five Seasons

City of Flags

City of Flags

City of Flags

The City of Flags and Flowers

The City of Friendly People

City of Friendly People

The City of Friendship

The City of Flowers

City of Good Neighbors

City of Good Neighbors

The City of Goodwill

City of Governors

The City of Health

The City of History

City of Homes

City of Hospitality

The City of Hospitality

City of Lakes

The City of Lights

City of Lights

City of Looms

The City of Marigolds!

City of Medicine

City of Live Mermaids

City of Murals

The City of Music

City of Natural Lakes

The City of Oaks

City of Outdoors

The City of Palms

The City of Palms

The City of Presidents

The City of Pride

City of Pride and Progress

City of Pride and Purpose

City of Progress

The City of Progress - Built on Pride

The City of Pure Water

City of Rododendrons

The City of Roses

The City of Roses

The City of Roses

The City of Seven Hills

City of Spires

The City of Southern Hospitality

The City of Southern Living

City of the Arts

City of the Future, Values of the Past

City of the Great Blue Heron

City of the Violet Crown

City of the World

City of Tomorrow - with the Charm of Yesterday

City of Trees

City of Trees

City of Trees

City of Vision

City of Vision, People of Commitment

City of Waters

City of Witches

City of Youth & Ambition

City on the Grow

The City on the Lake

City on the Marsh

City on the Move

The City on the Move

The City That Was  So Nice They Named it Twice

The City That Believes

The City That Reads

The City That Refused to Die

The City That Time Forgot

The City That Time Forgot

The City that Water Built

The City That Works

The City Where Progress Shows

The City With a Future

City With a Future

City with a Future

The City With a Heart

The City with a Smile

The City with a View

City with a Vision

The City with True Western Hospitality

The Clam Town

Clearly Above the Rest

Clearly Texas

Clogging Capital of the World

Climate Best by Government Test

The Climate Capital of Colorado

Clovis is a way of life

Coast Guard City USA

The Coldest Spot in Iowa

Cold Spot of the Nation

The Colored Slate Capital of the World

Come for a day or come to stay, but come

Come for a Day...Stay for a Lifetime

Come Grow With Us


Come Grow With Us

Come Home to Highland, A Great Place to Live

Come Home to the Mountains

Come Live Where You Play

Committed to Serving the Needs of Our Community

Committed to the future...Inspired by our past

Community For All Seasons

Community of Homes

Community of Opportunity

Community Pride and Forward Vision

Community Pride, City Wide

Community with Attitude

The Corn Cob Pipe Capitol of the World

Corporate Capital of the World

Covered Dish Capital of the World

Country Living at its Best

Country Living, City Style

Cowboy Capital of the World

Cowboy Capital of the World

Cowboy Cradle of the Southwest

Cow Chip Capital

The Cow Chip Capital of Kansas



The Cradle of Aviation

The Cradle of History

The Cradle of Liberty

Cranberry Capital of Oregon

The Crape Myrtle City of Texas

Crawdad Town, USA

The Cream City

The Crepe Myrtle City

The Crescent City

The Crossroads City


Crossroads of America

Crossroads of Friendliness

Crossroads of Opportunity

Crossroads of Opportunity

Crossroads of the Arkansas Ozarks

The Crossroads of the Heartland

Crossroads of the High Desert

The Crossroads of the Nation

Crossroads of the Skagit Valley

The Crossroads to everywhere

Crossroads with a Future

Curd Capital of Kansas

Curtain Rod Capital of the World

Cutting Horse Capital of the World!

Czech Capital of Kansas


The Dairy Capital of Iowa

Dear Hearts and Gentle People

Dandelion Capital of the World

Dedicated to family values and a country living lifestyle

Dedicated to Quality of Living

Deer Capital of Georgia

Deer Capital of the World


Developing Today for Tomorrow

The Diamond City

The Diadem of Dixie

The Dinosaur Capital of Texas

Discover the Crossroads

Dive Capital of the World

Dixie’s Garden Spot

the Dog Mushing Center of the World

The Dogwood City

Don't Pass Gas - Stop and Enjoy It !


The Druid City

The Duck Capital of America

You are welcome to contribute. Be sure to mention the name of the city and state and include the slogan. If you like, you may add a brief explanation of the item. Email it to newinfo@usacitiesonline.com . We always appreciate your input!

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