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St Paul
Ramsey County, Minnesota


Home of the Ice Palace
Moscow on the Mississippi

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Statistics & Facts

The Minnesota state capital is St. Paul.
The population of St Paul is approximately 287,151 (2000).
The approximate number of families is 117,583 (1990).
The amount of land area in St Paul is 136.721 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in St Paul is 55.44 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 8.823 sq kilometers.
The distance from St Paul to Washington DC is 976 miles.
The distance to the Minnesota state capital is 8 miles. (as the crow flies)
St Paul is positioned 44.94 degrees north of the equator and 93.10 degrees west of the prime meridian.
St Paul elevation is 695-1,000 feet above sea level.
St Paul median income is $ 38,774 (1999).
The average winter temperature is 2-37 degrees F.


in southeastern Minnesota next to its "sister" city, Minneapolis. Here is a map page for St. Paul.
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invigorating! Summer days are hot and possibly humid with cool evenings. Fall is chilly and by November, winter has set in. Snow is plentiful all winter with many days below 0.
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seasonal. Call this number for current weather: 612-452-2323
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History & History Related Items

Historic St. Paul, a page about St. Paul's colorful history. Try

Though St Paul and Minneapolis have grown up on opposite banks of the Mississippi River, they are quite different cities. The people of St. Paul are of many nationalities, largely German, Irish, Polish and Italian. The capital of Minnesota, St. Paul began as a settlement by the name of "Pig's Eye!" By 1807 this area was selected as the site for Fort Snelling with areas set aside as government reservations. It wasn't long before many more settlers came into the area, with the government driving them off the protected land more often than not. A group of settlers under the direction of Pierre Parrant - known as "Pig's Eye," moved into a landing area near the Fort. It was named after the group's leader, Parrant. A year later, when Father Lucien Galtier built a chapel to his patron saint, St. Paul, he was able to persuade the people in town to change the name to something a little less flamboyant. Around the same time, another group of soldiers from the Fort had built a saw and flour mill on the same side of the Mississippi, forming a village known as St. Anthony. It wasn't long before a suspension bridge was built linking St. Anthony and a small village across the Mississippi. These two villages merged to form a larger community named Minneapolis. The name combined "minne," an Indian word for water, with "polis," the Greek word for city. After the Civil War, Minneapolis became the larger of the cities with more industry, due most likely to the water power of St. Anthony Falls. It became a center for flour-milling. St. Paul became an early steamboat terminus with the fur trade of the area as well as travelers and shipping of agricultural goods.
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St.Paul, Minnesota lays claim as the birthplace and hometown of F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Taste of Minnesota - Minnesota's largest Festival! 2001 is the 19th year for this festival, in July on the Capital grounds.

Alexander Ramsey House
265 S. Exchange St. at Walnut St.
St. Paul, MN
Phone: 651-296-8760
The home of the first governor of the Minnesota Territory, it was built in 1872 of native limestone. It was designed in the Victorian style and still contains many of the personal furnishings and belongings of the Ramsey family.

Cathedral of St.Paul
239 Selby Ave.
St. Paul, MN
Phone: 651-228-1766
This cathedral was styled after St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. It was finally opened in 1915 after taking nearly 10 years to complete. The Cathedral can seat 3,000 people at one time.

Children's Museum
1217 Bandana Blvd. N.
St. Paul, MN
Phone: 651-644-3818
Many hands-on displays and exhibits for children are here, including a doctor's office, a TV station, a grocery store, and more. Demonstrations and presentation go on throughout the day.

City Hall and Courthouse
Phone: 651-298-4012
18 floors are finished with different wood from around the world. It is a fine example of contemporary architecture. The concourse contains a 36 foot high onyx statue, the "Indian God of Peace."

Gibbs Farm Museum 2097 Larpenteur Ave. W near Cleveland Ave.
St. Paul, MN
Phone: 651-646-8629
Life at a farm of the late 1800's with displays and exhibits of tools, vehicles and even a schoolhouse built in 1878.

Science Museum of Minnesota
30 E. 10th St.
St. Paul, MN
Phone: 651 221-9454

The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
Call us at (651)291-1144

The St. Paul Saints Baseball Club
1771 Energy Park Drive
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108
Phone: (651) 644-6659

Other Attractions: - Here is a list of some of the many, many things to see and do in the St. Paul area.

I Love St. Paul - everything you need to know about St. Paul!

Como Zoo

The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
120 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102
Please see the website for hours of operation and other information
This museum is housed within the Science Museum of Minnesota. See unusual and very different medical devices from the past.
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St Paul City Government

City of St. Paul

St. Paul City Hall
15 Kellogg Blvd. W.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102-1635
Phone: 651-266-8989
Mayor's Office: 612-8510


Ramsey County Probate Div
15 Kellogg Blvd W # 70
Saint Paul, MN 55102-1612
Phone: 612-266-8145

Ramsey County Courthouse
15 Kellogg Blvd W
Saint Paul, MN 55102-1635
Phone: 612-266-8266

St Paul Historical Events

The city celebrated 150 years in 1999!

1945 St. Paul Minnesota had the first public school teacher strike in the United States in 1945. I still have pictures of my Dad, with an old coon skin cap on, walking with a picket sign in front of Mechanic Arts High School.

St Paul Chamber

Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce
401 North Robert Street, Suite 150
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101
Phone: 651.223.5000
Fax: 651 223-5119

Midway Chamb4er of Commerce
Spruce Tree Centre, Suite 4
1600 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104
Phone: (651) 646-2636
Fax: (651) 646-2297

St Paul Community Events

January each year
St. Paul Winter Carnival
Held in January every year.

St Paul Organizations

Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce
401 North Robert Street, Suite 150
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101
Phone: 651.223.5000
Fax: 651 223-5119

Midway Chamb4er of Commerce
Spruce Tree Centre, Suite 4
1600 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104
Phone: (651) 646-2636
Fax: (651) 646-2297

St Paul Libraries

Ramsey County Library Administration
4570 Victoria St. N.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55126-5863
Phone: 651-486-2200

St. Paul Public Library
90 West Fourth Street
St. Paul, MN 55102
Phone: 651-266-7000

St Paul Schools

St Paul Public Schools District
360 Colborne St.
St. Paul, MN 55102-3228
Phone: 651-293-5100


Colleges and Universities in the St. Paul area. St Paul


The population of St. Paul was:
1980 - 270,230
1990 - 272,235
2000 - 287,151
2001 - 287,260

The Metropolitan (seven county) St. Paul area had a population of 2,674,838 in 2001 according to the Metropolitan Council estimate. Info on St. Paul, Minnesota and some local people.

St Paul has been known as the Moscow of the Mississippi.

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