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The Maryland state capital is Annapolis.

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Statistics & Facts

The population of Chevy Chase Section Three is approximately 781 (2007).
The approximate number of families is 276 (2000).

The amount of land area in Chevy Chase Section Three is 1.072 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Chevy Chase Section Three is 0.1 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Chevy Chase Section Three to Washington DC is 6 miles. The distance to the Maryland state capital is 32 miles. (as the crow flies)
Chevy Chase Section Three is positioned 38.96 degrees north of the equator and 77.07 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Chevy Chase Section Three elevation is 344 feet above sea level.
Chevy Chase Section Three per capita income is $76,392 (2000).
Chevy Chase Section Three median income is $192,524 (2007).

The Chevy Chase Section Three median home price is $1,178,208 (2007).

Chevy Chase Section Three miscellany.

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Chevy Chase Section Three location: in central Maryland about three miles from Bethesda and about six miles from Washington, D.C.. Other nearby communities include Martin's Additions, Chevy Chase Section Five, Chevy Chase, Chevy Chase Village, North Chevy Chase, Friendship Village and Somerset.

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History & History Related Items

Chevy Chase Section Three history:

Section Three was originally chartered on April 4, 1916 but became an incorporated town on June 20, 1982. Prior to that, it was a special taxing district of Montgomery County. It takes the name from that original designation, as does Section 5 to the north.

The Chevy Chase Land Company was formed by Senator Francis Newlands in the 1890's to develop a "streetcar" suburb just outside of the District of Columbia. The Land Company acquired several thousand acres and proceeded to develop the property in sections. The areas became known by the development "section" number and the various sections became municipalities over a number of years. The official titles are:
Village of Chevy Chase (sections 1 and 2)
Section 3 of the Village of Chevy Chase
Town of Chevy Chase (sections 4 and 7)
Section 5 of the Village of Chevy Chase
Martin's Additions
Friendship Heights
Chevy Chase Hamlet (a special taxing district, but not a municipality)
Section 6 is an unincorporated area of Montgomery County.
There is also a village called North Chevy Chase, but it is not a "real" Chevy Chase since it was not part of the Land Company's original holdings. Chevy Chase View is a named area, not a village. All of these Chevy Chases collectively have a population of about 7 thousand.

The Village and the Town of Chevy Chase are very expensive places to buy a house; they, especially the Village, have many houses which are very grand mansions. The other Chevy Chases are not as splendid, but are attractive older suburbs.

Here is a history page for Section Three of the Village of Chevy Chase.
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Chevy Chase Section Three attractions:

Section Three of the Village of Chevy Chase has a population of 751 people, living in 278 single family houses. Our eastern boundary, Brookville Road, is the road Dolley Madison used to escape with the portrait of George Washington when the British burned the White House. That is our only claim to historic fame; George Washington did not sleep here. We also have one church (Chevy Chase United Methodist) and one embassy (Nigerian). Our village is mostly older houses built between 1910 and 1940, frame construction with a big front porch - popular because 1) we are a 30 minute commute from downtown Washington, and 2) because Maryland has better schools and lower taxes than Washington.

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