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Washington Parish, Louisiana


"The Magic City of the Pinelands"

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Statistics & Facts

The Louisiana state capital is Baton Rouge.
The population of Bogalusa is approximately 15,000 (1997), 12232 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 6,476 (1990), 4960 (2010).
The amount of land area in Bogalusa is 24.519 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in Bogalusa is 9.9 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 0.13 sq kilometers.
The distance from Bogalusa to Washington DC is 935 miles.
The distance to the Louisiana state capital is 79 miles. (as the crow flies)
Bogalusa is positioned 30.78 degrees north of the equator and 89.86 degrees west of the prime meridian.


on the eastern border of Washington Parish in the "Florida Parishes" section of Louisiana on the Pearl River (the dividing line between Louisiana and Mississippi),
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History & History Related Items

The name, Bogalusa, comes the creek, Bogue Lusa. This creek goes through the city and the name means smoky or dark waters.

Sites of some of Bogalusa's Historic Homes:
South Border Drive - Mayor Sullivan's Home
Founders Drive - Goodyear Home
Louisiana Avenue - Milltown Theater

Bogalusa, called "The Magic City of the Pinelands" is the only city in the parish (county) It was also known as "The Green Empire.". It was founded by the Goodyears of Buffalo, New York, in 1906. The giant sawmill which brought the town into existence began operation is 1908. Bogalusa's population grew in a few months to 8,000; by 1914, the year of its incorporation, it had reached 10,000; and today its inhabitants number approximately 15,000. The site on which was once located the largest yellow pine sawmill in the world, now contains the industries of the Gaylord Container Corporation, makers of paper, boxes, bags, and other paper products. There are 22 other manufacturing plants located near Bogalusa.

A Picture Album of Bogalusa history
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The founding of Bogalusa


The incorporation of Bogalusa



Louisiana Museum of Ancient Culture and The Bogue Lusa Pioneer Museum are located in Cassidy Park in Bogalusa, Louisiana.

Bogalusa City Hall is on the Federal Register of Historic Places

The Depot: (Maintained as a private museum)

Historical Mural & American Flag
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Bogalusa City Government

Bogalusa's City Web Page

City of Bogalusa
P. O. Drawer 1179
Bogalusa, LA 70429-1179
Phone 985-732-6202
FAX 985-735-7347

Bogalusa, incorporated by act of legislature July 4, 1914, has the mayor council form of city government. In addition to these officials, the voters choose the city judge and city attorney. The council appoints the clerk, assistant clerk, chief of police, fire chief, health officer, city engineer and juvenile officer. An elected school board appoints a superintendent of city schools and other school officials. All elected and most appointed officials serve a four-year term.

Bogalusa Fire Department
This department has 36 full-time firepersons. There are three stations and four modern fire trucks.

The Police Department
This department has 42 full-time officers, 19 reserves and 9 civilian employees.

City of Bogalusa Airport

Bogalusa Chamber

Bogalusa Chamber
Willis Avenue
Bogalusa, Louisiana
Phone: 985-735-5731

Bogalusa Organizations

Bogalusa Chamber
Willis Avenue
Bogalusa, Louisiana
Phone: 985-735-5731 Bogalusa


Bogalusa has 121 miles of paved streets. (2000)

The population of Bogalusa was:
1908 - 8,000
1914 - 14,000
1995 - 14,535
1997 - 15,000 (estimate)

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