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"Ornate Box Turtle Capital of the World"

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Statistics & Facts

The Kansas state capital is Topeka.
The population of Caldwell is approximately 1,351 (1990), 1068 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 716 (1990), 495 (2010).
The amount of land area in Caldwell is 2.879 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Caldwell to Washington DC is 1175 miles.
The distance to the Kansas state capital is 175 miles. (as the crow flies)
Caldwell is positioned 37.03 degrees north of the equator and 97.60 degrees west of the prime meridian.


in south-central Kansas near the Oklahoma border.
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History & History Related Items

Go to this page to find out how Caldwell came to be the Ornate Box Turtle Capital of the World.

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KansasPhotos of the area and other parts of Kansas.
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Caldwell City Government

Caldwell City Clerk
14 W Central Ave
Caldwell, KS 67022-1406
Phone: 316-845-6514

Caldwell Municipal Airport
North Of Highway 81
Caldwell, KS 67022
Phone: 316-845-2443

Caldwell Historical Events

14 April 1986
High School Gym at Caldwell High School in Caldwell, Kansas
On Monday, 14 April 1986, Kansas Governor John Carlin signed a bill in the High School Gym in Caldwell, Kansas, officially making the Ornate Box Turtle the official state reptile of Kansas. The campaign to have this turtle named an official symbol was organized and successfully completed by the Caldwell Elementary School sixth grade class. There teacher was Larry L. Miller. The group gained national attention with their unique campaign, and Caldwell will forever be known as the ORNATE BOX TURTLE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD since the City of Caldwell signed an official document the following October giving the city the title.
Mr. Larry L. Miller was employed at Topeka Collegiate School from 1991 to 2001. As of August 2001 he has been employed at Northern Hills Junior High School located in the Seaman School District. The Seaman District is located north of the Kansas River in Shawnee County, Kansas. He and his wife, Suzanne, often take students on Kansas field and camping trips. Of course, they often encounter Kansas' state reptile - THE COLORFUL ORNATE BOX TURTLE.
Information about events in Caldwell dealing with the Ornate Box Turtle can be obtained by writing to THE CALDWELL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, CALDWELL, KS 67022

Chikaskia River Wildlife Studies
Trips for educators, educational groups, environmental organizations and students along the Chikaskia River to learn more about the Chikaskia ecosystem and our environment in general. The site has many pictures of some of these excursions.

Caldwell Community News

2005, September
great page with pictures and information about Kansas in general, schools, and more. The site has some pictures around Kansas of plants, students, animals and other creatures that abound in the area.

Missing Tombstone of Mike Meagher
I am part of a cowboy historical discussion group. Recently, one of the members was contacted by a fellow who just bought a house in Wichita, Kansas, not too far from Caldwell. The front step of the house has a tombstone with the name of "Meagher" on it, which the previous owner's father had taken from a graveyard as an historical curiosity. I don't know why anyone would do such a thing. Anyway, the new owner contacted our group because he would like to return the gravestone to its proper place. After some research, some of us believe that the stone may belong to Mike Meagher, a semi-famous lawman who lived in Wichita for a while but ended up being elected as Mayor of Caldwell in 1880. Unfortunately, he was gunned down in a Caldwell Saloon he owned 1881, and we think, buried in Caldwell in 1881. Is there anyone in Caldwell who would have historical information of this nature, and be able to go to the graveyard and see if the stone is missing?
Please either contact me by return email, or call 305-531-9428. Thanks for any help you can give.
Henry Lowenstein

Caldwell Libraries

Caldwell Carnegie Library
8 N Osage St
Caldwell, KS 67022-1414
Phone: 316-845-6879

Caldwell Schools

Caldwell Schools
31 N. Osage
Caldwell, KS 67022
Phone: 316-845-2585

Caldwell High School
31 N Osage St
Caldwell, KS 67022
Phone: 620-845-2585
Fax: 620-845-2534

Caldwell Middle School
1 N. Osage
Caldwell, KS 67022
Phone: 620-845-2585, ex. 3
Fax: 620-845-2332

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