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Starke County, Indiana


"Welcome to Knox, where opportunity Knocks!"

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Statistics & Facts

The Indiana state capital is Indianapolis.
The population of Knox is approximately 3,705 (1990), 3704 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 1,520 (1990), 1457 (2010).
The amount of land area in Knox is 8.679 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Knox to Washington DC is 552 miles.
The distance to the Indiana state capital is 107 miles. (as the crow flies)
Knox is positioned 41.29 degrees north of the equator and 86.62 degrees west of the prime meridian.


Henry F. Schricker, one of Indiana's governors was from Knox.
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Knox City Government

Knox City Clerk
101 W Washington St
Knox, IN 46534-1155
Phone: 219-772-3032
Mayor's Office Phone: 219-772-4553

Knox Historical Events

1926, March 21
Death Date for Che Mah - the World's Smallest Human
So that he will not be forgotten, I submit to you the following facts on: "A BIG MAN IN KNOX!" He was billed as the world's smallest human. A mere 28" tall. His name was CHE MAH. He was born on one of the Chusan Islands off the coast of China in 1838 to parents of normal size. It was there that agents of P.T.Barnum found him. He joined P.T. in 1881 where he was a main attraction for nearly 25 years. When he retired, rural Indiana reminded his of his native island & the seclusion of pastoral Starke County appealed to one grown weary of sideshow throngs. He tried farming near Eagle Lake, but he was so small that the harnessing of his plow horses, on a step-ladder, took most of the day. He gave up, sold his farm, and moved to Knox. Failure breeds despair and, in turn, loneliness. He had a woman named Nora Cleveland who kept house for him. He eventually married her, but divorced after 14 years claiming that she was not performing her 'wifely duties'. He was about 85 then. She was said to stand 5' 8" and weighed 200+ lbs. When Che Mah died on March 21, 1926 he was 88 years old. He was buried in a lead-lined casket on the highest point in Crown Hill Cemetery. His handsome polished granite headstone is fully two feet taller than he was. Not even the funeral of Henry F. Schricker brought as much notoriety to Knox that Che Mah's funeral attracted, even though Schricker was more esteemed throughout Indiana.
I have been fascinated by Che Mah since I first learned about him, as a child of 10 from Stella Bonner Klopot. I was born and raised in Knox. He is just one of a plethora of memories that I have about growing up in the 'boom' years of the 40's & 50's in Knox.
Submitted by: Robert Schwartz
from "South Bend Tribune Sunday Magazine," September 10, 1967

Knox Chamber

Chamber Of Commerce
52 E Washington St
Knox, IN 46534-1147
Phone: 219-772-5548

Knox Community News

From Civil War Records around 10 Sep 1861 in Knox, Indiana
My great-grandfather enlisted in the 29th reg. Indiana infantry. question: I'm trying to find out if three children were born - their names Estella 1872(6-19),Thressie 1874(12-21) and Arthur 1867(12-21) Hepner born to David S. and Mary Jane Hepner. If anyone can help I sure would appreciate it - thanks, Nolyn

Knox Organizations

Chamber Of Commerce
52 E Washington St
Knox, IN 46534-1147
Phone: 219-772-5548

Knox Libraries

Henry F. Schricker Library
152 W. Culver Rd.
Knox, Indiana 46534-2220
Phone: 219-772-7323
Hours: Monday-Thursday until seven P.M. Friday and Saturday until five P.M.

Knox Schools

Superintendent Of Schools
2 Redskin Trail
Knox, IN 46534-2238
Phone: 219-772-3712

Knox High School, Class of 1977, reunion
Help build a database of addresses for this reunion.
We had 46 people at our 25th reunion. You know as well as I that there were more than 46 people in our class.
This is only because we couldn't find the rest of you.
E-mail to your name and address and add your name to the list to support the Knox High School, Class of 1977, 30 year reunion.

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