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The American Civil War

Lexington, Missouri

An important battle in the Civil War was fought right here in Lexington on September 18, 19, and 20 in 1861 - The Battle of Lexington - good site with much information about the battle with pictures. A tactic that helped the State Guard to win this battle caused the battle to have the nickname, Battle of the Hemp Bales. The guard soldiers soaked the hemp bales with water and slowly rolled them up the hills toward the Union forces. The bales shielded the men and helped them defeat the union here in Lexington. The confederate leader here was Major General Sterling Price and the Union leader was Colonel James A. Mulligan. The Union group totaled only about 3500 men while the confederate troops numbered around 12,000. The union suffered great losses of nearly 1900 men while the south lost approximately 100 men. The Union had previously taken the Anderson House in Lexington to use as a hospital. The final portion of the battle took control of the house from the Union.

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