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Mission Santa Ines
19th Mission
"Mission of the Passes"
Founded September 17, 1804 by
Father Estevan Tapis

Naming of Mission:
"Ines " is the Spanish version of the name "Agnes." Saint Agnes was a Christian who was killed in Rome in 304AD. There is a town a little bit south of Solvang called Santa Ynez. The Americans anglicized the spelling and named the town Santa Ynez rather than Ines or Agnes.
The mission has also been known as the "The hidden gem of the Missions" due to its remoteness.
The mission is in the Santa Ynez Valley within the city limits of Solvang. It is about 45 miles northwest of Santa Barbara and east of Lompoc in Santa Barbara County. It is about 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles.
From US 101, take the Solvang exit at Buellton (SR 246) east 4 miles to Mission Santa Inés, just beyond downtown Solvang
The Mission was founded on September 17, 1804 by Father Estevan Tapis. The mission was approved to better serve the local Chumash Indians and as a link between the Santa Barbara Mission and La Purisima Conceptcion in Lompoc. The original church was erected between 1805-1812 but was destroyed by earthquakes. A new building was dedicated in 1817. Because of its location off the El Camino Real, the mission had few visitors. When someone did show up, the bells would ring out and everyone would run to greet the visitors.
After secularization, even though people still lived here, the mission grew more and more deserted and fell into great dis-repair. Even after the missions and lands were restored to the church, the mission was largely uninhabited. It wasn't until 1882 when the Donahue family arrived that repair of the buildings began. Then in 1904, Father Alexander Buckler came to help along with the help of his niece. In 1924, the Capuchin Franciscan Friars from Ireland came to the mission and continued to restore the mission and to create goodwill among the nearby communities. Major renovation did not really begin until the Hearst Foundation donated the money to make these repairs. The restoration has been a on-going project which continues to this day.
The mission is still used as an active Parish Church with about 1,000 parishioners.
Contact the Mission:

Mission Santa Ines
1760 Mission Drive
P.O. Box 408
Solvang, CA 93464
Phone: 805-688-4815
Linea en Espanol: 805-688-6763
Mission Trivia:

Santa Ines was the last of the southern missions in the chain.
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