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The California Missions

Jolon near King City

San Antonio de Padua
Third Mission Built in the California Missions Chain
Founded 14 July 1771

Naming of Mission:

This mission was founded by Father Junipero Serra
Sometimes referred to as The Mission of the Sierras though the reason is unknown as it is not near any of the Sierra Mountain Range


off Highway 101 north of Paso Robles and south of King City about 175 miles south of San Francisco and 300 miles north of Los Angeles.


Father Serra came with Fathers Pieras and Sitjar on 14 July 1771 to found this third mission in the chain. They hung the mission bells in a nearby oak tree. By 1773, the site for the mission was moved a little further up the valley. Later this year, the small church and several other buildings were completed. The walls were of adobe as was the custom of the time. A few of the homes were made of tules and wood. The main church was started in 1810 with completion in 1813. It still stands today after renovation.

As with all the missions, Mission San Antonio was placed under civil juridiction on 4 November 1834 under proclamation from then Governor Figueroa. After this time, the mission began to fall into dis-repair. Though the mission and its lands was restored to the Church in 1863, it remained abandoned until many years later. The roof was lost and later many of the walls. Only the chapel walls were still standing at this time. Finally, from 1903-1908 local people tried to restore the mission, but were thwarted when an earthquake destroyed their efforts. It wasn't until 1928 that the church and mission were once again restored and the Fathers returned after many years of absence. During the later 1940's, the mission was used as a training center for the friars. On 14 July 1971, the 200th Anniversary of the Missions founding was celebrated. Today, the San Antonio Mission is an active Catholic parish, with parishioners and Fathers working to keep the Mission in good condition.

Contact the Mission:

Mission San Antonio de Padua
PO Box 803
Jolon, CA 93928
Phone: 831-385-4478

Mission Trivia:

The Hunter Ligget Military Reservation surrounds this mission.

This mission, due to its isolated location, is one of the most faithfully restored of all the missions.

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