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The Denver Airport ~ Neighborhoods of Denver ~ Denver from the Air ~ Entering Denver
Downtown Denver ~ Denver Art Museum ~ State Capitol ~ Denver Zoo

Inside the terminal
Fountain inside the main terminal
notice the unique roof!
Jeppesen Terminal has a fiberglass roof that is extremely strong. It represents the snow peaked mountains of Colorado. The airport covers 53 square miles - the largest commercial airport in North America! The 3 mile long runway is the longest in the country. The airport is also one of the greenest in the country and has aggressive environmental programs including a huge area of solar panels. The blue mustang at the airport entrance is just one of the fine art projects to be seen at the airport.
The roof looks like multiple large circus tents and has the appearance of a fabric ceiling. It is supposed to represent the snow-capped mountain peaks here.
Some views of the tarmac and the distinctive terminal in the background. At night the lights from inside the terminal glow and make quite a beautiful sight.
14 August 2008
Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver

14 August 2008
The Denver Skyline

The U.S. Mint in Denver
The US Mint was begun in 1863 but was only used as an assay office for the gold fields. It wasn't until 1904 that the government decided to begin minting coins here in Denver.It was decided to erect a new larger facility which was an Italian Renaissance style building modeled after a Florentine palace. It was completed in 1906 and remains a beautiful and treasured building in the downtown area today.
The Denver downtown is constantly changing and remains a unique & diverse site with offices, shops, malls, restaurants, hotels, meeting places, parks, galleries, and many places to just sit and enjoy the atmosphere.
Often referred to as the Civic Center Area
Denver City-County Building
Denver is a Consolidated City & County

These unusual buildings have many works of art outside.
Notice the "horsie" on the chair

Denver Public Library & Artwork
The Art Museum & library are neighbors
Outside the west entrance, the 15th step is exactly 1 mile above sea level. The designation was changed to the 18th step in 1969 and then, in 2003, to the 13th step where it now remains. Each spot has a marker about the mile high status.
The Capitol was designed by Elijah E. Myers in the 1890s. Colorado white granite was used. The gold dome was not added until 1908 to commemorate the Colorado Gold Rush. The main entrance hall goes up 180 feet to the top of the dome!
The Capitol is an impressive view
from all angles
Vietnam War Memorial near capitol
This area is known as the Civic Center and includes a Greek amphitheater, a war memorial, and the Voorhees Memorial Seal Pond as well as many beautiful gardens. It is bounded on one end by the City-County Building and on the other end by the State Capitol building. Surrounding the park are a number of government buildings, the main library of the Denver Public Library System, the Denver Art Museum, the Denver History Museum and a number of other businesses. The park officially opened in 1919.
Bronze Bronco Buster Statue
Bronze On the War Trail Statue

There are many lovely flower gardens that are well manicured and full of vibrant colors. The arch in the background was a nice backdrop. You can see the Denver Art Museum in the picture above and to the left a view of the downtown buildings of Denver.
The Denver Convention Center has a piece of art that looks like a very large bear looking in the windows  
Denver has the 10th largest downtown in the country

The downtown Civic Center area includes many tall buildings. Streetcars haul people around the area. The tall white Republic Plaza Building is a landmark downtown and can be seen from almost all angles. There are also some architecturally unique buildings such as the round front one above. Old buildings are mingled with the new to provide an interesting downtown for Denver.
The Republic Plaza building was completed in 1984 and is 714 feet tall and is 56 stories high. It has a three story marble lobby that features changing exhibits and programs. Buildings downtown effectively mix the old with the new. The historic Brown Palace Hotel that opened in 1892 is right next door and the modern World Trade Center buildings are nearby. The nearby Quest tower is 709 feet high
We drove down Colfax Blvd between downtown Denver and the Denver Airport area and passed by many interesting buildings including churches, colleges and beautiful older homes in nice neighborhoods.
Scenes along Colfax on the way from downtown to the airport area

The Denver Zoo began many years ago, in 1896, with the gift of a black bear named Billy Bryan. Now it has grown to around 4,000 animals and over 700 species. The zoo has many exhibits, conservation programs, environmental education programs and continues to offer public service to the area.

Among the special features of the Denver Zoo are:
Predator Ridge, a home to 14 African species of mammals, birds and reptiles in natural habitat
Tropical Discovery where you can visit a coral reef, a swamp and riverbanks areas. There is even a Komodo Dragon exhibit.
Primate Panorama offers views of the social primates with monkeys, apes & more

This is just a glimpse into this interesting & unique zoo we visited in Denver

Denver Zoo Sculpture Denver Zoo Sculpture
These pieces of art are at the entrance of the zoo
Denver Zoo Cheetah Denver Zoo Elephant
A Cheetah at rest in the afternoon sun
The PACHYDERM HABITATS include Asian elephants, rhinos, tapirs and hippos
Denver Zoo Mountain Goats

Denver Zoo Peacock
Peacock - the large fan-shaped tail belongs
to the male bird. The female is known as a
Peahen and doesn't have such a tail.

Dall's Sheep and Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep are found in this exhibit  
We saw two great bird shows - A Macaw and a Falcon
Monkey Island - built in 1936
Monkey Island - Capuchin monkeys, American pelicans, and crested screamers
The monkeys had great fun swinging on the ropes & moving around the island. There were pelicans in the moat area
as well as many ducks.
The Brown Bear is not often found in the wild today in North America
More Monkey Business! - we saw so many different kinds of monkeys & other primates
Penguins in a cold place & Flamingoes in a warm place

In Bird World you can walk right into the exhibits and see the birds flying around and building nests and just interacting with the other birds and also with the visitors. Around 200 species are represented in Bird World. Each exhibit is geared to the natural habitat of the birds within it. We watched one little bird carry around a piece of string for at least 20 minutes. We never did see what he did with it.



The Rhino was very personable!
How about a smile!
Ankole (Watusi) Cattle
African Domestic Cattle
Ahhhhhh! the sun feels so good!
A seal's life is great right now

These are Reticulated Giaffe found only in the plains south of the Sahara in Africa. Their unique coloring is good protection to them in their environment. The baby giraffe was still over six feet tall!



Tropical Discovery Indoor Rainforest

See waterfalls and swamps and coral reefs. You can imagine you are really there in each one.There are fresh water fish and marine fish, turtles, lizards and even a Komodo dragon habitat that is amazing. You won't want to miss their one



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