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Rocklin Welcome Sign
Photo taken December 2007*
Rocklin City Entry Sign
Photo taken December 2007*
Rocklin Welcome Sign
Rocklin Welcome Sign
June 2012

Rocklin is located in Northern California. It borders Roseville, Loomis and Lincoln. It is located in Placer County. The official city website is http://www.rocklin.ca.us/ and has lots of great information about the city.

Guess this Sun Splash water park is actually in Roseville, but it's very close to Rocklin. We thought it was in Rocklin!

All the photos below were taken in June 2012

Rocklin Water Park water park
Rocklin Memorial Park Rocklin Memorial Park
Rocklin Memorial Park Rocklin Depot
Rocklin Depot

Rocklin Depot

The Chamber of Commerce is located in this new depot building.

This new depot was built in 2007. It is on Rocklin Road beside the Railroad tracks, at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Rocklin Road. The original depot here was built around 1867 in this same spot. There was a telegraph office and a saloon in the location. In 1891, the first depot burned and a second one was built up in its place. That building was torn down in 1940.
Church Garden Church garden

Old St. Mary's Chapel

The old chapel is one of Rocklin's oldest buildings. It was saved from demolition in 2005 when it was moved to it's current location. The park next to the church, as well as the building, itself, is used for weddings, receptions and general gatherings in Rocklin. The church has been renovated and looks great. The Bridal Patio has an interesting fountain with the round ball. The large marble ball appears to be moving constantly with water all around it. It islocated at 5251 Front Street. The Railroad depot cn be seen in the right background above.

Rocklin Fountain Rocklin White Church

Rocklin House

This appears to be an older building and is next to the Barudoni Building below.

Rocklin White Church
Rocklin old house Rocklin Temperance hall

The Barudoni Building - built in 1908
It is located at 5250 Front Street across from St. Mary's Chapel

The Finnish Temperance Hall was built in 1905. The Temperance Society was begun in 1889 to ease the concerns of families for the drinking problems of Finnish workers in Rocklin. At one time, Finns made up half the population of Rocklin. The hall was later sold to the American Legion in Rocklin in 1959. In 1962, the city bought it so it could be preserved.
Rocdklin Temperance Hall Rocklin Temperance Hall

Rocklin HIstorical Museum

The former home of Dr. Henry Fletcher back around 1905 when he was the town doctor. The building was his office and residence. It is located at 3895 Rocklin Road on the corner of San Francisco Street. The house was scheduled for demolition in 2001, but the Rocklin HIstorical Society saved it and restored it to become the Rocklin Historical Museum. The museum is not open every day. See the historical society website for hours of operation The Rocklin Civic Center Complex houses a number of different buildings including the police station, a fire station, the city hall buildings and offices. The original city hall is also in this area as well as the Rocklin Memorial Park.
Rocklin Police Rocklin Police
Rocklin City Hall Rocklin City Hall

This City Hall building is located at 3980 Rocklin Road. It was built in 1912 by Adolf Pernu, owner of an early granite company. He built it to use as a company store for his employees. After he died in 1931 and the Great depression was in full swing, the company reverted back to the creditors. It was ultimately purchased by the City in 1941 and has been in use since that time as the City Hall. Early on, the city library was also in the building.

Rocklin City Hall Rocklin City Hall
Rocklin City Hall  

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