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Lassen County





Facts & Information

The Cities and communities of Lassen County, California *


Clear Creek


Eagle Lake Resort


Janesville, Johnstonville

Litchfield, Little Valley

Madeline, Milford



Spaulding, Standish, Susanville (County Seat)


Wendel, Westwood

*This list of cities may not be complete

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Information & Facts about Lassen County, California


Lassen County official site

County Seat: Susanville

County Administrative Offices
707 Nevada Street
Susanville, CA 96130
Phone: (530) 251-8333

County Clerk
220 S. Lassen Street
Susanville, CA 96130
(530) 251-8217


1990 - 27,000
1993 - 28,450
1996 - 30,650
1990 - 34,150
2000 - 33,828
2004 - 34,661

Housing Units:
2000 - 12,000

Other Facts:

Median family income
1980: $17,563
1989: $31,803
2000: $43,398

Median household income
1980: $15,595
1989: $26,764
2000: $36,310

PerCapita income
2000 - $14,749
2002 - $19,174

Median house value:
2000 - $93,100


in the northeast portion of the state of California. The eastern border is the state of Nevada. On the north is Modoc County. On the west is Shasta County. To the southwest is Plumas County and in the southeast corner of the county is a border with a small portion of Sierra County. Sacramento is 226 miles South of Lassen County.

Latitude: 40 23'N
Longitude: 120 34'W

A Map page with links to other map pages


Lassen County is generally dry with warm days and cool nights. There are four seasons here, but none are extreme.
Average high in summer is 93 degrees F. with an average low in the winter of 28 degrees F.
Average snowfall is 10 inches each year for the valley areas. The higher regions receive much more snow.
Average precipitation: 14.29
weather links page


Incorporation Date: April 1, 1864

Lassen County was named after Peter Lassen, a Danish emigrant who came to California in 1840. He was murdered in 1859 on an expedition in the Black Rock Desert.

After gold was discovered in 1848, many came west. Some wanted to find another way to cross the High Sierras as an alternative to Donner Pass. Peter Lassen was the first to explore other options. The Nobles Emigrant trail was created in 1851 by William Nobles who brought settlers over this route from Humbolt River to Shasta City. One of these early settlers, Isaac Roop, built a trading post along this route to help the travelers stock up before crossing the Sierras. His settlement was named Rooptown and then later named Susanville for his daughter.

In 1856, unhappy with Plumas County policies and boundary lines, Roop and Lassen, along with a group of residents, created their own territory they named Nataqua. Because it was such an out-of-the-way place, the new territory was basically ignored. The Territory of Nevada was soon established and Isaac Roop was made a governor for the Territory. Only a few years later, surveys were done which showed the area to be a part of the state of California rather than Nevada.

Lassen County history page with lots of information on various areas of the county
A history page for the county


Though basically a rural area, the county includes open valleys that are mostly agricultural, mountain meadow areas, forested plateaus, and high mountain peaks and ranges

Size: 2,916790 acres
Total area: 4,720 Square miles
Land area: 4,557 square miles
Water area: 163 square miles

Lassen County is about the size of Connecticut.

Elevation: 4,245 feet above sea level

Geography links page


Kindred Trails Genealogy page for Lassen County
The Political Graveyard - Lassen County
Lassen County
GenWeb Project page
Lassen County Cemeteries


North State Cooperative Library System
serving the 13 far northern counties of California

Lassen Library District
1618 Main St.
Susanville 96130
Phone: (530) 251-8127


Lassen County Office of Education
472-013 Johnstonville Road, North
Susanville, CA 96130
Telephone (530) 257-2196
Fax (530) 257-2518

Lassen Community College
P.O. Box 3000
Susanville, CA 96130
Phone: 530-257-6181 x8005

Organizations & Groups

Lassen County Chamber of Commerce
75 N Weatherlow
Susanville, CA 96130
Phone: (530) 257-4323

Attractions & Other Information

Attractions in Lassen County

Visitors Guide to Lassen County

Roop's Fort
This was the original structure built by Isaac Roop in 1854. It is now a musuem with pictures and Indian artifacats

Westwood Museum
315 Ash Street
Westwood, CA 96137
Phone: 530-256-2233

This museum has artifacts, pictures and more of early Lassen County, especially of the Red River Lumber Company when the mill was built in 1913.

Butterflies & Moths of Lassen County

Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake is 16 miles north of Susanville. It is the second largest natural lake that is completely in California. Due to its size, different sides of the lake have different terrains and growth.

Eagle Lake Links

Lassen Volcanic National Park and Lassen National Forest are located in Lassen County as well as in neighboring counties

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