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Tustin, California Historical Events

USMC LTA Base (LTA = Lighter Than Air (Dirigibles at one time) Formerly listed as USMC LTA (Helicopter Base) Santa Ana, CA.
I am the one who got the name changed to USMC LTA Base, Tustin, CA. I was there when George C. Scott played in the movie Hindenburg. The Tustin facility being a copy of the Lakehurst facility in New Jersey where the Hindenburg Zeppelin burned up before World War II. I was there when an attempt was made to do a round the globe balloon 'trip' which failed miserably and never got off the ground but instead dragged the crew down the runway and almost beat it to pieces in the 'maneuvre'.
I was there when a farmer leased the agricultural area on base to grow parsley. "'Parsley'? Why parsley," I asked him. He said, "Well, somebody has to grow that green stuff they put on your plate in restaurants." He went on to ask me if I actually ate the stuff which is really good for you but . . . . BUT a lot of restaurants re-use the stuff that customers dont eat and it may got from plate to plate to plate so (he suggested) "If you don't eat it, do me a favor, crush it under your foot on the floor or just break it into little pieces and leave it on your plate." This farmer also grew corn and he always left a few sections for us 'gleaners' to go and help ourselves. Those were the days. I miss Tustin and El Toro as it used to be.
Submitted by: John Teale, Commander, British Army, Corps of Royal Engineers assigned to US Navy/MC West Coast operations. Five years in Tustin. Now in Washington (state) at Bangor Submarine Base.

This page is for perpetual written accounts of historical events that have occurred in the city. Anyone who feels they have pertinent information may submit it. This includes all people in or out of Tustin and could involve any interested adults or children with events or items that are of interest. Items may be submitted for publication on this page where they will remain as part of a historical archive for the city. Items of interest may include noteworthy events, special events of historical importance, information about area growth that pertains to the history of the city, and other pertinent notes. We hope to establish a large data base of information about the history of each city. Historical Societies are encouraged to open their own page on Key to the City for more extensive historical information.

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