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Statistics & Facts

The California state capital is Sacramento.
The population of San Francisco is approximately 815,358 (2009), 805235 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 328,471 (1990), 345811 (2010).
The amount of land area in San Francisco is 120.955 sq. kilometers.
The amount of land area in San Francisco is 46.7 sq. miles.
The amount of surface water is 479.639 sq kilometers.
The distance from San Francisco to Washington DC is 2584 miles.
The distance to the California state capital is 79 miles. (as the crow flies)
San Francisco is positioned 37.79 degrees north of the equator and 122.55 degrees west of the prime meridian.
San Francisco elevation is 63 feet above sea level.
San Francisco per capita income is $ 19,695 .
San Francisco median income is $ 73,798 (2008) .
The San Francisco median home price is $ 422,700 (2000).
San Francisco average annual rainfall is 22.28 inches per year
San Francisco average temperature is 56.8 degrees F.
The average low temperature is 51.4 degrees F.
The average high temperature is 65.1 degrees F.
The average winter temperature is 50 degrees F.
The average spring temperature is 56 degrees F.
The average summer temperature is 59 degrees F.
The average fall temperature is 61 degrees F.


At the end of the San Francisco Peninsula on San Francisco Bay. It is across the San Francisco Bay from Oakland and about 377 miles from Los Angeles in southern California. Other nearby communities include Daly City, Broadmoor, Colma, Brisbane, South San Francisco, Sausalito, Belvedere and Tiburon.
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comfortable. There is sunshine 60 out of every 100 possible hours in some areas while other areas have more fog and rain. The area is strongly influenced by the Pacific Ocean currents as it is surrounded on three sides by water. The summers are cool and foggy most of the time. Late summer and early fall are the warmest times during the year.
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History & History Related Items

A history page for San Francisco.

The Spanish ship, San Carlos, was the first to sail into San Francisco Bay. On 28 March 1776, a mission site of the California mission chain was dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. The village of Yerba Buena began near the mission. It remained a small place for many years until in 1836, it began to be a major trading post for the area. In 1846, American rule began here when Captain John B. Montgomery of the USS Portsmouth came ashore and flew the American flag over the village. The name was changed the next year to San Francisco, after its namesake, St. Francis of Assisi. Soon gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill further inland. Though not a part of San Francisco, it had a large impact on the development of the area. An average of 50 ships a month came into the bay and anchored there, mostly deserted, while their crews hunted for gold. San Francisco became a large tent city at first with all the gold hunters. The city flourished with all its new inhabitants. Stores, homes and businesses were built while many new fortunes were made. Disaster struck on 18 April 1906 with the great San Francisco earthquake (8.6 Richter scale). What the earthquake didn't destroy, raging fires did. The residents fought right back and rebuilt the city, which was mostly completed by 1915. The famed San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridge was completed in 1936. The Golden Gate Bridge was finished in 1937. Now the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit System) has been added to tie all the bay area cities together. San Francisco remains a busy metro0olitan area with cultures of all kinds.

Click here for the California Missions trail.
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The founding of San Francisco

June 29, 1776

The incorporation of San Francisco

April 16, 1850


For a virtual Whale site.

The highest bridge towers in the world are still the art-deco towers of the Golden Gate Bridge at 750 feet, completed in 1937. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge across San Francisco Bay and completed in 1936 still holds three world records: 1) the largest diameter bore tunnel which is the double-decker vehicle tunnel through Yerba Buena Island in the Bay connecting the two halves of the bridge; 2) the world's largest toll booth - 18 lanes; and 3) still the world's longest and highest bridge over ocean-navigable waters - the San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco is the most popular city in the world for tourists, and has held that record for the last 25 years. Paris is second.

The California Academy of Sciences

Alcatraz Island

fine Arts museums of San Francisco

San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco Opera

San Francisco 49ers

The Golden Gate Bridge website

The Port of San Francisco website

The San Francisco Zoo

The Presidio and the Presidio Museum - Lincoln Blvd. and Funston Ave
Phone: (415) 556-0856

Fort Point National Historic Site

Presidio of San Francisco reached via Lincoln Blvd. to Long Ave.
Phone: (415) 556-1693

San Francisco Ballet

Ripley's Believe It or Not!
175 Jefferson Street (Fisherman's Wharf)
Phone: (415) 771-6188

The Exploratorium

Visitor Information Center

Wells Fargo History Museum
420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94163
Phone: 415-396-2619
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Economy & Industry

San Francisco has a busy and diverse economy. It has established its prominent position as a finance center for the entire western US coast. Montgomery Street, in the Financial District, is well known as the Wall Street of the West. The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is also located here. Though big business is lured here by the financial prowess of the area, small businesses and self-employed companies make up 85 percent of the city establishments.

Tourism is the backbone of the San Francisco economy. The scenery and landmarks of San Francisco are well known throughout the world due to movies, television, radio, and books. Tourists come in droves to visit Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, museum and to shop. They come for concerts, shows and myriad other cultural art performances. The city that lured the adventurous and outgoing continues to draw people to it for the same reasons. The Information Era with its IT, computer chips and high tech business is growing and acts as a magnet for new concepts and development.
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San Francisco City Government

San Francisco City and County Website
1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place
City Hall
San Francisco, CA 94102-4603
Phone: (415) 701-2311
San Francisco is a consolidated city-county and is the only such designated in California. It became such in 1856. The city was incorporated on 15 April 1850. The City Mayor is also the county executive and instead of a city council, there is a board of supervisors. The Mayor and other elected officials are considered to be the executive branch of the city/county government. The legislative branch is the board of supervisors which has 11 members. These members are elected from specific districts from within the city. When the mayor dies, the president of the board of supervisors becomes the acting mayor.

San Francisco Chamber

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

British American Business Council of Northern California
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 907
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: 415 296 8645
Fax: 415-296-9649

German American Chamber of Commerce
201 California St.
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: 415-248-1240

Hispanic Chamber Of Chamber
703 Market St., Suite 611
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415-278-9611

Swiss American Chamber of Commerce
California - San Francisco Chapter
PO Box 26007
San Francisco, CA 94126
Phone: 415-433-6679

San Francisco Organizations

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

British American Business Council of Northern California
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 907
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: 415 296 8645
Fax: 415-296-9649

German American Chamber of Commerce
201 California St.
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: 415-248-1240

Hispanic Chamber Of Chamber
703 Market St., Suite 611
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415-278-9611

Swiss American Chamber of Commerce
California - San Francisco Chapter
PO Box 26007
San Francisco, CA 94126
Phone: 415-433-6679

San Francisco Libraries

San Francisco Public Library

Law Library

San Francisco Schools

San Francisco Unified School District

San Francisco State University
City College of San Francisco, with its main facility in the Ingleside district, is one of the largest two-year community colleges in the country
University of California, San Francisco is one of the campuses of the University of California system, and is San Francisco's second largest employer. It is one of the medical schools of the University of California. It also operates the UCSF Medical Center, ranked among the top 10 hospitals in the United States San Francisco


The San Francisco area has 129.4 square miles (only 46.6 square miles are land)

San Francisco is the birthplace of both the burrito and the fortune cookie, and not Mexico or China, as is popularly believed.

San Francisco is also known as "Shakey Town" probably due to the earthquakes felt in the area.

the population of San Francisco was:
1860 - 56,802
1870 - 149,473
1880 - 233,959
1890 - 298,997
1900 - 342,782
1910 - 416,912
1920 - 506,676
1930 - 634,394
1940 - 634,536
1950 - 775,357
1960 - 740,316
1970 - 715,674
1980 - 678,974
1990 - 723,959
1992 - 728,921
1999 - 746,777
2000 - 776,733
2003 - 751,682
2004 - 744,230
2005 - 739,426
2009 - 815,358

The number of Housing Units:
1990 - 328,471

Population Density:
2008 - 17,323 persons per square mile

Median age:
2000 - 36.5 years

Median Household Income:
2000 - $ 55,221
2007 - $ 65,519

Median House value:
2000 - $ 422,700
2008 - $ 824,300

San Francisco is located in the Pacific Time Zone and does participate in daylight savings time during a portion of the year.

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