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Statistics & Facts

Historical Events

Statistics & Facts

The Arkansas state capital is Little Rock.
The population of Smackover is approximately 2,232 (1990), 1865 (2010).
The approximate number of families is 955 (1990), 771 (2010).
The amount of land area in Smackover is 11.006 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers.
The distance from Smackover to Washington DC is 993 miles.
The distance to the Arkansas state capital is 96 miles. (as the crow flies)
Smackover is positioned 33.36 degrees north of the equator and 92.73 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Smackover Historical Events

Reflections of Life in Smackover during the early to mid-1900ís
I have an interesting story about Smackover. I was born there in 1928, to Leecil Horace and Dora Coffman. My parents had a lot of pictures of the boom times of that era. Unfortunately most of them were burned when their house burned down in 1951 in Corrales, New Mexico. I was not much more than a year old when they moved back to the area of Pittsburg, Texas where they were born and grew up. There were a few pictures that survived ,and are now on my daughters genealogy web site for our family. One picture is of me on a pillow on the front porch of this old looking house. We were fortunate to have a house to live in as most people lived in tents. My parents did for a short period. I get the Wall Street Journal, and on the front page of the Feb 14th, 2000 issue ,as you probably already know, is an article about the Bromide in Smackover.

My parents had a pool hall and the general store at that time in partnership with my fatherís brother, Harvey Coffman. I listened for many years to their stories of the oil field boom days and would look at all the pictures my mother kept in albums of the men dragged down the street to be hanged after they were taken from the jails, of the KKK burning buildings, of gun fights. My dad was in fights with rough necks. They kept a gun under the cash register ( I think thatís done a lot now too! ) My mother carried a gun at all times. A man in this article on Smackover wrote a book titled: The Hell Hole Of The World." I just wish my parents were alive and could get their stories in a book . My mother said many times she could write the best seller. There is a picture of dadís barber shop in Hainesville, Louisiana on our web genealogy site, It was a booming oil town . The picture was taken in 1922 . My Dad was only 23 years old. There are more stories about that town and Homer Louisiana. My brother was born there in 1921. My sister in Pittsburg Texas in 1923. My brother died last year (1999). My parents in 1978 and 1981 with all their stories. I'm writing all I can think of that were told for future generations, along with the few pictures left.
Submitted by: Melba Quick

Early 1920ís
My mother lived in Smackover as a young chid and her daddy was some kind of security for the oilwells, had to carry a gun all the time. My grandmother used to tell me the story of this haunted house they lived in. The story goes as follows: A man had been shot and killed on the back porch and at night you could hear a heavy boot step on the porch and the sound of all the dishes rattling in the cupboard, doors a slaming but when you got up to see it would quit and nothing would be out of place. Now my granny, Mary Francis Bowers, was a very straight religious lady and I know this to be the truth. The house must have been in the country as she also said she saw mountain lions in the yard.
Submitted by Dorothy Dillon

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