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Cove Connect (Local Internet Service Provider)
607 Valentine St.
Coffman Cove, Alaska 99918
ph: (907) 329-2295
fax: (907) 329-2223
Providing Coffman Cove with local dial-ups, web hosting, customized business and personal accounts. Offering outlying areas with communication solutions.


Coffman Cove Cabins
PO Box 18063
Coffman Cove, AK 99918
ph: 907-329-2251
fax: 907-329-2223

Coffman Cove Bunkhouse Lodging
306 Harbor Avenue
Coffman Cove, AK 99918
Phone: 907-329-2219
Bunkhouse Phone: 907-329-2228

Oceanview RV Park
Coffman Cove, AK 99918
Phone: 907-329-2015
Fax: 907-329-2015

Rain Country Bed & Breakfast
101 3030 Rd.
Coffman Cove, AK 99918

Wetherbee's Lodge & Charters
P.O. Box 18077
Coffman Cove, AK 99918
PH (907) 329-2266
In Oregon, call Sherry (503) 738-6659

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